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Guestbook Archive
May 2004 to November 2005

Name: Marsha Davidson
Posted On: 5/21/2004
Comment: You are my all time favorite author! Your so creative! My question for you is, why write under different names? I have a hard enough time finding your books! Also, are all your books in hardback as I am trying (with very little luck) to find and collect them. Thanks for your time and I look forward to reading your new book as I have read all your others!

Name: marlene rafferty
Posted On: 5/25/2004
Comment: Just came across you by accident and love your books! I don't know if this is the place to say it or not, but I've seen several mistakes in your book, "All the Way Home" that I wanted to point out to you. I used to be a proofreader years ago, so my eyes are trained on spotting mistakes. Here we go:
p.8: Kirstin...then on p. 129 you're missing an "a" in the sentence " didn't give __ damn about anything but herself."
p.142: a BABY is calling her mom Carleen? Sentence is: Do it again, Carleen! please, please do it again!" p. 144: Two different spellings on the name Kristin: Kristin Stafford, then down further it's KIrsten. p. 91: She says she isn't published, but on p. 155 she says she is. p. 258: Is she Emily or EMMA? This is down at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, aside from seeing these mistakes, I'll continue to read your works. I just bought and finished your book, " Kiss Her Goodbye". Good book and hardly any mistakes.

Sorry to criticize you, but if the readers don't tell you, you'd probably never know.

Well, thanks for taking my comments and keep those books coming!

Name: Gladys Folks
Posted On: 5/26/2004
Comment: Love your books! Do you have a mail list? Would like to be notified of your new thrillers. God bless you and have a great day! folkssass@aol

Name: Kayla Brewer
Posted On: 5/26/2004
Comment: I think that Bridget Jones Diary was pretty good. I'm doing a report on you and was wondering what questions you get asked? You can e-mial me @ Mebkay@aol.com

Name: DawnJingle@aol.com
Posted On: 5/26/2004
Comment: I love your books under this name. I have never read your different names' books but I hate romance novels. Don't blame me - it just put me to sleeps & mystery/horror novels keeps me up most of the nights. I am looking forward to your next book. You're one of my favorite authors.
You should have a mail list for keep your fans (update to your new books in the future & give us a little hints what it will be about).

Name: phyllis@paston.com
Posted On: 5/26/2004
Comment: Dear Wendy:
I can't wait to get your new book - Kiss her goodbye!
I have read all of your books - and truly you are such a wonderful writer - thanks for all the good reading hours!

Name: Shelli Myers
Posted On: 5/31/2004
Comment: Wendi, I was browsing our bookstore with my three year old son and picked up "All The Way Home" and some other book. I asked him to pick and he picked "All The Way Home" How surprised was I to open the book and find it dedicated to your son, Brody. My so who picked the book is Brodie! I read it in two days and went directly back to buy all the rest of your books left! I'm hooked and telling all my friends about them too! Thanks for such wonderful entertainment!

Name: Amy Wheeler
Posted On: 6/1/2004
Comment: Wendy, I am so addicted to your romance/fiction books! I've bought four in the last week. Everyday I finish another one. I need to be on some kind of automatic mailing list for newly published books of yours! Thanks for restoring my faith in romance authors. purplekitten2288@hotmail.com

Name: pam smith
Posted On: 6/7/2004
Comment: keep writing about upstate new york. i loved the book about lilydale, my parents have a house on chautauqua lake near the institute and also your new book that im reading now "kiss her goodbye" i lived in cheektowaga for awhile but im from rochester, ny so im really enjoying books from our area!!!! ive read every book keep writing!!!

Name: Frank Weaver, Jr.
Posted On: 6/7/2004
Comment: Wonderful website, Wendy. Simplicity in the layout enables easy searching for other data. Enjoyed the visit. Perhaps it can be used as a barometer for which all others could be judged. It's that good, Wendy. The very best to you in all writing endeavors. Congratulations!

Frank Weaver, Jr. - author
"Crab Cake & Pepper"

Posted On: 6/9/2004
Comment: I was patient and not disappointed in "kiss Her Goodbye"! Great book, as always!!

Name: Mike Moran
Posted On: 6/11/2004
Comment: Love your books. I was wondering if your books come in hardcover. Want to buy your new book, but want it on hard cover.


Name: Nan Richardson
Posted On: 6/13/2004
Comment: Hello Wendy,
I cant wait to get, Kiss her good-bye ... Your books are wonderful, you are one of my favorites ... if not "THE" favorite Author of all. I have read every book I can find, and the search continues. I just ordered Kiss her good-bye and I cant wait for the next book ... Keep them coming!

Name: Sheri
Posted On: 6/14/2004
Comment: Wendy,
I love your books! You are an excellent writer. My question is who does your proof reading? I have found a couple of misspelled words and other small mistakes. Just thought you would like to know so you can tell them to slow down a bit and pay more attention. Thank you for all of your books. They are great!!!sheri_watkins@hotmail.com

Name: Bethany
Posted On: 6/14/2004
Comment: Wendy,
I was just checking out the updated webpage as I was passing along your site to some friends who asked if I know of any good books =) Congrats on the NY Times Best Seller list...we all knew you could do it! Keep up the great work!

Name: Marg
Posted On: 6/15/2004
Comment: Hi I justed wanted to let you know that I just finished reading one of your older books Dearly Beloved.I enjoyed it very much I read it straight through in one day as I could not wait to find out the ending.Thankyou for a great book I will look forward to reading your others.

Name: Trudi Barth Trainor
Posted On: 6/15/2004
Comment: I grew up in Fredonia, was so surprised when I read In The Blink Of An eye. My grandmother used to go to Lilydale! I was so familiar with the total setting. Trudi.Trainor@att.net

Name: bcmblynch@aol.com
Posted On: 6/17/2004
Comment: I have not been able to put down KISS HER GOODBYE. It is a great read and has kept my interest throughout. I have a question -- I am reading the paper back. On page 203, it is written "...costs more than Kathleen adn Kurt can spare on top of their mortgage payment". I somehow have missed the connection between Kurt and Kathleen, I guess. Thanks for the clarification.

Please continue with the great writing. This is the first book of yours I have read, but will look for others.

Name: darlene follet
Posted On: 6/18/2004
Comment: Jusr got your latest book without even looking inside cause I knew it would be good!I am a former Fredonia native living in Liverpool ny, and remember you working at the Book Nook. I like your books better than Mary Higgins Clark, so you should take that off your covers, cause you are a terrific writer, and don't need to compare yourself to anyone else! Keep up the good work!!

Name: Jennifer Krockenberger
Posted On: 6/21/2004
Comment: Ms. Staub, I've recently gotten hooked on your writings and have read them all up to "Kiss Her Goodbye", which I'm currently reading. Your books are wonderful, quick reads but keep me glued and guessing right to the end!

I'll be watching for your future works!


Name: Anna Marie Stepnick
Posted On: 6/24/2004
Comment: I just wanted to let you know that I love your books. Kiss Her Goodbye was excellent! I can say you are right up there with Mary Higgins Clark. I was instantly hooked on her books once I read All Around The Town. Then coming across your novels and it's like "WOW"!! Another great author to look out for. You are quite talented and I've enjoyed hours of reading your books. Keep up the good work. I noticed Lullaby & Goodnight is due June 2005. I am anxiously waiting for that to go on sale since I read the sneak preview in Kiss Her Goodbye. I was wondering why there was no title assigned at the back of the book .... leaves readers begging for more!


Name: Ken Clement
Posted On: 6/26/2004
Comment: Wendy:

Used to be your stockbroker at M&T. My brothers went to school with you.

Just saw another one of your books at the Book Nook. Keep making Dunkirk proud of you. Never forget where your from. I can only dream of having all of the people we grew up with back here. With all of you we really could make this community a wonderful place again.

Take care, just wanted to wish good luck.

Ken Clement

Name: susan reinitz
Posted On: 6/27/2004
Comment: I just finished reading kiss her goodbye. It was an excellent book. I never read you before and I loved your book so much I ordered She loves me not already. Please put me on your mailing list. bitachonzc@yahoo.com

Name: Kelly
Posted On: 6/27/2004
Comment: Dear Wendy,
Just wanted to let you know that I could not put your latest book down. "KISS HER GOODBYE" was one of the best books that I have ever read. Keep up the great writing! (cheermonkey227@aol.com)

Name: Christy Long
Posted On: 6/28/2004
Comment: Ever since I read 'Last to Know', I have been addicted to your books, it is so rare to find an author that keeps you guessing in every book they write. I just finished 'Kiss Her Goodbye' and thought it was three different people before I was finished, another great read. Thank you for producing such great work! I will continue to read any book you put out under this name,
A Fan For Life!!!!

Name: Bridget O'Connell
Posted On: 6/29/2004
Comment: I just accidently came across your book Simply Settled and I am halfway through and after reading your webpage found out that Simply Single came first. I absolutely LOVE the book! I don't normally like romantic books, but wanted something fun to read since it is Summer. I am happy to find out that you also write thrillers! I will be getting those also! If there is a mailing list, I would love to be included on it! BridgetLea25@yahoo.com.

Name: Donna
Posted On: 7/2/2004
Comment: Your books are great...keep up the good work. I am from Dunkirk/Fredonia area and thought "In the blink of an eye" was great! I've got friends and family reading all your books now! If you have a mailing list I'd like to be on it. Hope to see you at the Book Nook or Wal-Mart again!

Name: Erin
Posted On: 7/4/2004
Comment: Dear Wendy
I have just finished reading Kiss her goodbye. I love it. It keep me reading to the end. I couldn't put it down. I haven't been able to read you other books yet because I have trouble finding them. I hope to find them and I know that I will love them as much as I do your suspense novels. You are my number 2 favorite auther. Up there with Nickolas Sparks. Thanks again and can't wait for your next novel. irisheyes1686@yahoo.com

Name: Adele V. Kiddoo (gwhizz_fl@yahoo.com)
Posted On: 7/4/2004
Comment: I am so thrilled to have found another very inventive author. They compare you to Mary Higgens Clark but you really stand alone. Thanks for a great read.

Name: Shelli Lipinski
Posted On: 7/6/2004
Comment: Your books are fantastic!!! It takes a really special talent to be able to write mystery novels and comedy/real life women chick books! I am very excited to read all of your books and look forward to each one that comes out. You are fabulous and are one of my favorite authors. Keep
them coming!


Name: Shelli Lipinski
Posted On: 7/6/2004
Comment: Wendy,

I forgot to include my e-mail address in the earlier posting:
Also, I love the references to Starbucks in your mystery novels. Hilarious especially since I visit ours daily!!! :)

Name: Meghan
Posted On: 7/7/2004
Comment: Wendy -- My name is Meghan and I live in Washington. I'm 17 and a senior in high school. I just wanted to let you know you are the first author I have truly loved and followed. A few months ago, I read "The Last To Know" and fell in love with it. Since then, I have read all your other suspense novels. I am always second guessing myself in discovery of the killer. :) Thank you for being the first real author I admire. My e-mail is leggomeggo317@hotmail.com. I hope to hear from you! I am looking forward to "Lullaby and Goodbye."

Name: Rose Mary Parslow/Taquino
Posted On: 7/7/2004
Comment: Dear Wendy: Had not heard of your books until I saw a copy of one of your recent ones at the paperback rack at the local drug store. I am doing a genealogy search of my mother's family,the Staubs, and wondered if you are related to the branch of the family that came from Switzerland.My grandfather settled in Mobile,Al, after coming fromZug, Switzerland inthe l800's. Am looking forward to reading your books. Sincerely,Rose Mary.E-Mail:JMTQ@aol.com

Name: Doreen Held
Posted On: 7/7/2004
Comment: I got your book "Kiss her Goodbye" It is a great book, that I have read in about three days. However I got to page 224. The part where Jen is going to go look for her father. and to my surprise, the next page is 161. The pages repeat themselves until page 257.. So now I have no idea what happens. I do not want to continue reading because that is too much to miss in the book. Can you please tell me other then buying another book. What happens or where I can go to possible find out what I am missing in that 30+ pages. I was enjoying the book, but am disappointed that I can not finish it. Thank you. Doreen71@optonline.net

Name: Judy Zabicki
Posted On: 7/7/2004
Comment: Hi Wendy!!!! I am a big fan of yours and have read all of your wonderful books!! I just finished "Kiss Her Goodbye" and it kept me on the edge of my seat till the end!! What a thriller!!! Keep up the great writing and you will always have me as a fan!! My e-mail address is heyjude66@cs.com Sincerely,JZ

Name: Susie Balzer-Lis
Posted On: 7/8/2004
Comment: I missed your last book signing at the Book Nook!! Love your books, but mostly wanted to see you! You make Dunkirk proud. All the best to you and your family.

Name: Mia Lineman
Posted On: 7/14/2004
Comment: i love your books.They are creepy,but in a good way.Your my all time favorite author.
i really love Halloween Party.It so exciting i couldn't put it down.

Name: Lynn Barry
Posted On: 7/14/2004
Comment: Hi Wendy,
My hubby read the article "A Novel World" in the Buffalo newspaper this morning and said, "You have to read this article!"
I did, and later put your name in a search and found your site...I have not read any of your books...but I am inspired by your life story...I have two novels out there and another one looking for a NY agent...
I want to say "GOOD FOR YOU!"...all those novels...living the life you want to live...WOW! Nothing better than that...

Again...WOW...you ROCK...I will be checking out your work...
HUGS and admiration...
sister author type...who lives in WESTERN NY
Lynn Barry
author of the mainstream novels
"Puddles" and "Bjoyfl"

Name: Mat B.
Posted On: 7/14/2004
Comment: Wendy, wow! Look what you have accomplished. I never knew you were a skilled writer (or even interested in it for that matter.) Your mom told my mom about you when my mom last visited Fredonia. I am not much of a reader and am ashamed to admit I haven't read any of your books. I wanted to say hi and let you know I remember the formative days of our youth. In particular, I recall a trip to Orchard Park to watch the Bills play with Mr. Gatto. Recall the flat tire on the return trip? (I am not certain you were with us on that trip) I was lucky to have occasionally been included in your circle. God bless you and congratulations on all your accomplishments. -Mat B.

Name: Amy Mistretta
Posted On: 7/15/2004
Comment: Hi Wendy...Great article in the local paper. I look forward to reading your books!

Name: Jennifer Smith
Posted On: 7/16/2004
Comment: Hello there! I just introduced myself to you today at Wegmans with my roomie Erin! Thanks for being so very warm and charming to us! Love your writing, you inspire me to, uh settle down (slightly) so I can start my own collection of books! Thank you!

Check out my blog at
www.jlynnsmith30.blogspot.com to see my post about meeting you!

Keep writing and entertaining the masses!

Jennifer ; )

Posted On: 7/18/2004

Posted On: 7/18/2004

Name: nathan gillis
Posted On: 7/19/2004
Comment: hey wendy. Im 19 yrs old and am currently reading Kiss her Goodbye. I am not able to put it down, because your writing is done so well. Haven't seen any authors around recently that can live up to your style of writing. I myself hope to become a writer, and with someone's writing as good as yours, it should be easy for me to get a good start. I hope you continue your success.

PS Your better off keeping your own name. No need for alais's...your to good for that! haha =) take care
emails nater4236@netscape.net

Name: Natalie Provenzano
Posted On: 7/21/2004
Comment: Wendy,
Every time one of your new books comes out, I make a phone call to my Aunt in Dunkirk NY, to stop by the Book Nook to send it to me (and get it signed if you are in town). I was so excited the other day to see "Kiss Her Goodbye" on the shelf at one of the stores here in Evansville, IN. I love to share your books with all of my friends in IN. We love them! I am not sure if you will remember me directly, but I used to date Aaron, and spent a lot of time at Sunday dinners with your family. I look forward to reading your many books to come, and hearing from you if you have the time. Thanks!

Name: Mariam Ahmed
Posted On: 7/21/2004
Comment: Hey Wendy! You are my number #1 author! I never enjoyed reading until I discovered your books. Your novels like "THE LAST TO KNOW, KISS HER GOOD-BYE, SHE LOVES ME NOT, IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE" are the most entertaining books I've ever read. I love the way you keep readers guessing who the killer might be. I couldn't put them down. Im looking forward into reading your upcoming novels, and the ones I missed. Please don't ever stop writing!

Name: Shirley Cotterman
Posted On: 7/27/2004
Comment: I am a big fan of Mary Higgins Clark, Carlene Thompson and Erica Spindler. I now add Wendy Corsi Staub to that list. I just finished reading Kiss Her Goodby and I could not put it down. I can't wait for the next book to come out.

Name: mary bergman
Posted On: 7/28/2004
Comment: I love your books! awesome and i'm so glad that i started reading them. their just so life-taking and great. i can't say enough about them. superb! excellent! perfect! outstanding! and so glad that you started writing! keep up the good work!

Name: L. Montana
Posted On: 7/29/2004
Comment: I have been reading your books since i was 13-and its been 9 years since then. We lost touch over the years, but have never given up on you. As always, keep up the great work. Hope to hear from you again.

Name: Erika Gutermuth
Posted On: 7/31/2004
Comment: Hi Wendy!
I am such a picky reader who devours truly good books and I can't get enough of yours! Thank You! Erika

Name: Kate
Posted On: 7/31/2004
Comment: I picked up 'All the Way Home' at the library because it looked interesting. I ended up staying up until 4:00 am reading. Since then, I've been to Amazon and other sites looking for Wendy's books. She's one of my new favorite authors.

I read "Cocktails for Three" by Wendy Markham and I had no idea it was the same person. I loved that book too!

keep up the good work!


Name: Dawn
Posted On: 8/1/2004
Comment: Hi! I'm reading ur book "Obsession". Boy, it is really good & I'm glad that u decided to re-release this book. Can't wait to read "Possession" & "Kiss Her Goodbye". I'm looking forward to ur new books in the future!

Your Biggest Fan, Dawn

Name: jen_wilson1014@yahoo.com
Posted On: 8/3/2004
Comment: Do you plan to write a third book to follow up Slightly Single and Slightly Settled? I just read both of them in a matter of days and I'm dying for more about Tracey. I'm thinking Slightly Married - it can be about her living with her boyfriend and feeling married although she's not.

Name: Darlene Szymczak
Posted On: 8/4/2004
Comment: Wendy, I just finished "Kiss Her Goodbye" Wow, I couldn't put it down and didn't guess the killer until the very end. Very proud to say I am from Dunkirk and very proud of you. Going to the Book Nook after work today and get another of your books.
Best Wishes, Darlene

Name: Laura Benelli
Posted On: 8/4/2004
Comment: I read yours books of Tracey Spadolini in many days. You have made me to smile and to do badly, why I have found many points in common with She, even if is only a created personage. They are an Italian girl, and I hope that also all the others your books come translate in my language. You have a great talent. Thanks. Cordial salutes. Your Laura

Name: Angel
Posted On: 8/5/2004
Comment: Hey Wendy my name is Angel I just wanted to say I love youer book Real Life Help Me. It is the best book I have ever read! These are the stories that should be writtin about! Gurl I have not read alot of books because I have read yours atleast 20 times now and I still cry when Karen goes to the hospital and see's her mom next to her and when her mom dies. I just think of my mom diyin and it kills me but if you write anyothers like that email me and tell me the name so I can buy them!PLZ!! my email is hot_seexy_mamma_wild_thang6969@yahoo.com than you so much and I love your book and how you writ all of it! Thank you for you beautiful work!

Name: Kerrie
Posted On: 8/6/2004
Comment: Wendy,

My girlfriends and I truly enjoyed "Slightly Single" and "Slightly Settled"!!! You had us laughing out loud!!! We were all wondering if there will be a third? A follow up on life about Tracy?????? When you have a chance..."fiestyirishgirl@verizon.net" Thanks!!!!!

Name: Marybeth Crouse
Posted On: 8/7/2004
Comment: Having just read your novel "In the Blink of an Eye" ,lent to me by my friend from upstate N.Y. thrilled and enthralled me by the mere familiarity of the location and surroundings the book was set in. I too had grown up in upstate N.Y.(Angola, NY) and after I married , moved to Forestville , NY for quite a number of years . Lily Dale was only a few miles away. It was always such an eerie and mysterious place to visit . My friend , Karen, come to find out was once your baby sitter , who I understand you still call Boppy . lol She has lent me your book , the once afore mentioned so I too can enjoy your expert writing ability. I am looking forward to reading many more that you have written. Like my friend , I too think that "In a Blink of an Eye" will be my favourite since it is so familiar to me , makes me feel like I am back home again . Thank you , keep up the great work . Your new fan Marybeth Crouse, Holiday , FLA. :)beth@starsonthewaves.com

Name: Wendy Markham-Needham
Posted On: 8/7/2004
Comment: Hi Wendy -
Was just wondering how you happen to pick Markham as one of your Pseudonyms . . . I just married Jan of 2003, but for all my years before that I was Wendy Markham. I was surprised to see my name on books as I cruised the web today and am anxious to give one of your books a try after reading all the positive reviews and feedback on them. It certainly looks like you've been extrememly busy writing the past few years!


Name: Jeannie Pierce
Posted On: 8/8/2004
Comment: You are definely one of my favorite authors!! I have read all of your mystery books. As soon as I finish one I want to immediately start the next. I have gotten most of my friends to read your books and they love them too. Looking forward to the next book. Thanks for all the great reading hours!!

Name: Dawn
Posted On: 8/10/2004
Comment: Hi! I just finished ur book "Obsession" & it was really good! I've enjoy it & can't wait to read ur next book "Possession". Luckily, I don't have twin sister - lol!

Thank u for the bookplates & I'll treasure it!!


Name: Rose Mary Taquino
Posted On: 8/11/2004
Comment: Wendy:erased your E-Mail address, so I will send this note to you here. I forgot to tell you that I have a copy of the Staub Coat of Arms. If you would like a pictures of it, I will be glad to send it to you. It's a plate and curved, so it's hard to get a good shot of it, but think it's pretty clear. I also have some information on the coat of arms though the paper it is on, is very old, but I can send you what is readable. That's where I got the information about the stain glass window in the Hermitage. Rose Mary at JMTQ@aol.com

Name: Linda
Posted On: 8/11/2004
Comment: This is the first novel of Wendy Corsi Staub's that I have read, being a hugh Mary Higgins Clark reading it's been hard to find someone that can keep you guessing like she can. After reading Wendy's book I've find a new author that I'll be keeping an eye on for they next work. I have to say that her book Kiss Her Goodbye had me reading until all hours of the night to finish, and I didn't figure out who was the killer until the last capter(I love books like this.) High five to you Wendy your writting is right up my alley.

Name: Kim Gould
Posted On: 8/11/2004
Comment: I finished reading In the Blink of an Eye just a few weeks ago. As a resident of Dunkirk NY, I loved the fact that it takes place in Lily Dale. I thought that it was great. Did you feel the need to write about a place near your hometown and formed the story around the setting or did it happen the other way around?

Name: Frank Corsi
Posted On: 8/12/2004
Comment: I have read two of your books and enjoyed them. I just read Kiss her goodbye and enjoyed it and got my daughter Sam to read it and enjoy as well.

Name: Stephanie K.
Posted On: 8/16/2004
Comment: I usually read your Wendy Markham books but I also read two of your mysteries also, Dearly Beloved and Kiss Her Goodbye. You are a great writer and I did not figure out Kiss Her Goodbye until the end. I can't wait to read the rest of them and I look forward to reading your upcoming books.

Name: Ronitta McPherson
Posted On: 8/17/2004
Comment: I have read all of your books, including Kiss Her Goodbye, and have enjoyed each and every one!! I cannot wait for the next one! You are one of my favorite authors.

Thank you.

Ronitta McPherson - rmcpherson@stny.rr.com

Name: montisha
Posted On: 8/19/2004
Comment: your book KISS HER GOODBYE just kept me sitting there turning page after page. it was soo good i had to finsh the book all in one day. the out come is good also. this is the first book of yours i have read and i plan on buying others because you proved to be an excellent author. great job. montishalynn@yahoo.com

Name: Margie Higar
Posted On: 8/21/2004
Comment: I had never read any of your books but happened to pick up Kiss her Goodbye. I just love your style of writing and was able to secure 4 more of your books from Amazon. If you have a mailing list, I would like to be added so I will know when your books are available.

Name: Vicki Carnicom
Posted On: 8/22/2004
Comment: My copy of Kiss Her Goodbye skips pages 225-256, is there anything I can do to get those pages? I don't want to skip those pages because they may reveal something.

Thanks! Vcarnicom@aol.com

Posted On: 8/27/2004



Name: Sariye Konopaska
Posted On: 8/27/2004
Comment: I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your work. However I am wondering why most of the covers of your books dont always connect to the story. EX) In the Blink of and Eye, the cover shows a bloody handprint on the celler door... the celler makes sense of course but no where in the book does any one have a bloody hand to make a print like that. Not a big deal but just wondering. Again great job writing... keep it up.

Name: Felicia Staub
Posted On: 8/27/2004
Comment: Hi Wendy! What a prolific author you are. I'm just at the end of In the Blink of an Eye and am enjoying it very much. I still haven't figured out who the killer is. Congratulations on your success and making the bestseller list!

Were you born a Staub or married into the Staubs? I am interested to know if we are distantly related. I too am from New York - Long Island, though I've lived in Washington state for over a decade. I originally found your site searching the web to see what came up under Staub. You can contact me at fstaub@earthlink.net. Keep your great books coming!

Name: Patricia Kongslie
Posted On: 9/26/2004
Comment: You are my newly found favorite author. I love your suspense novels.I love to read but have a hard time remembering the stories I've read,but, after reading "In The Blink Of An Eye", I remembered it for so long I had to read more of your books. Keep up the good work, you truely have a gift!

Name: Ms. Kelly Moretti
Posted On: 8/27/2004
Comment: Hi Mrs. Staub...
I wanna tell you how I am looking forward to incorporating your book into our curiculum this fall. (actually, i alreadu have) It will be part of our "AUTHORS OF NOTE Series, where we get many auhtors to come visit our class and talk about the book. Our coucil at school would like to offer you $50 to come up here to talk to our class for a little while (We know you are probably very busy). We are close to Corning and I know Corning and NYC are close by, so the train would be the best way to get here. Pleas let us know when we can expect you, (ya know, when would be the best time to come Sept, Oct, or Nov?) Pleas let us know...some of the children have read it over the summer and are so looking forward to discussions and meeting you.
Please let me know as soon as you can. We can send out the $50 check as soon as you would like. Can we get your address?
Thank you so much in advance.
God Bless.
Ms. Kelly Moretti
St. Augustine Junior High

Name: Sheryl Anselmo
Posted On: 8/28/2004
Comment: I just finished 'Slightly Settled' and loved it. It is always nice to read a book that a woman like myself can relate too. Will there be a follow-up to this book? I would love to know how Tracey and Jack's relationship turns out. Thanks! sfanselmo@hotmail.com

Name: Martin Wright
Posted On: 8/28/2004
Comment: Hi Wendy,
Just finished Kiss Her Goodbye. Even thought it's so-called summer in Buffalo, I felt as though I was in the middle of the setting of your book in the winter, looking over my shoulder and all around (even though it was midmorning). I couldn't put the book down. You had me guessing until the very end. I enjoy suspense novels and yours are at the top of my list. I can hardly wait for the next one to come out. Great writing! Keep up the good work.

Name: Tony Farah
Posted On: 8/29/2004
Comment: I had never heard of you until I picked up a copy of Kiss Her Goodbye. It's the best book that I've ever read and that includes all of Mary Higgins Clark's books. You are awesome! I'm determined to read every book that you've published or will publish. Thank you, thank you...Tony jets0929@aol.com

Name: Carrie Johnson
Posted On: 9/2/2004
Comment: I read Slightly Single,(purely by accident i might add) the first book of yours i have read, and really the first book ive read since leaving school 7 years ago. Oh my god, i loved it!! I have never ever enjoyed a book so much in my life, i cried! and a book has never done that to me! I searched the net and found there was a sequal, Slightly Settled but i cant find it anywhere in my home town, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND!! HELP IM DESPERATE TO READ IT! cjstar81@hotmail.com

Name: Susan Sobel
Posted On: 9/5/2004
Comment: Since I read your first book, I have recommended to my local book store to stock up on your books. The owner told me yesterday, your books are getting rave reviews. I just read She Loves Me not and I didn't guess the killer. I am looking forward to your next book.


Name: Julie
Posted On: 9/6/2004
Comment: Dear Wendy,
I just happened to run across one of your books at my local library this past July, and I couldn't put it down!! Since then, I have read everything you have written that I can get my hands on - I even have the librarian looking for more books for me!! You are a great suspense writer, and when I begin to read a book you've written I absolutely cannot put it down. I think you are the best author out there, and I just wanted to let you know! I was a avid reader in high school, but after becoming a wife and mother I no longer had the time or the desire to make the time to read. Now, since I've discovered your books, I MAKE time to read everyday. Thanks for helping me to rediscover my love for reading. I cannot wait to read the next one. I would love to hear from you if you can respond to this e-mail.....again, thank you!!

Name: Julie
Posted On: 9/6/2004
Comment: I just posted a comment & forgot to include my e-mail address..OOPS...it is bdavisregion@netzero.net. Wendy, I'd love to hear from you or if you have a fan club or mailing list, I'd really like to know.. Thanks!

Name: Linda Strong
Posted On: 9/7/2004
Comment: Wendy, I have every one of your other six suspense books and I just finished reading "Kiss Her Goodbye"...and I have to say, you are one of the most talented writers I have come across in many years, the twists and turns in your stories keep me from getting much sleep as I can barely put the books down. And to think you lived in the same town that I live in...I would love to meet you sometime, your terrific! I am even in contact regularly with a gal you went to school with I believe. I pass your books to her to read when I am finished with them, as she is the one that told me about you. Take care, keep up the excellant work, I can't wait to read the next one. purplegrammie@novocon.net

Name: Hollie
Posted On: 9/12/2004
Comment: I love your Slightly Single, Slightly Settled books. They're great.Do you plan on writing anymore of these?


Name: Polly Richards
Posted On: 9/13/2004
Comment: Just recently discovered your books, and am reading them all as fast as I can get them at the library.
Love your books, and you are now my favorite author!

Name: Carla Reece
Posted On: 9/15/2004
Comment: I am an avid reader and your books are on the top of my "look for" list. Your books don't last more than 2 days with me, usually a 1 nighter and I can't wait for you newest one. I recommend you to anyone I know that reads. I know you are busy and don't expect a response, but wanted to take a moment to let you know you are an excellent author. Carla
reece1130@bellsouth.net (if you have the time) Bye.

Name: colleen
Posted On: 9/15/2004
Comment: I have read 3 of your boks and just happened to come accross your books when ordring from the book club. You are a great writer and it is hard for me to put your books down. I can hardly wait for lullaby and good night to come out It is almost 6 months before we can read it. I enjoy a good mystrey and your books keep a person on the edge. Keep up the good work and I am from the upstate area my self

Name: Peggy Lamirande
Posted On: 9/16/2004
Comment: I'm fairly new to your books and very hooked. I frequent a used very good used book store here on Cape Cod and flew through Dearly Beloved and The Last To Know and look forward to reading more!

Name: Peggy L
Posted On: 9/16/2004
Comment: I just wrote and forgot my email in case you can write back!

Name: Rosa Benavides
Posted On: 9/20/2004
Comment: Great books.....love them all!Only wish you could write faster!Continued success......granny2k54@yahoo.com

Name: Chris Ricotta
Posted On: 9/22/2004
Comment: hey wendy i like ur website i real like the way kiss her goodbye starts off but its is a little long for me 2 read with homework n everything well i guess thats it tlk 2 u soon luve chris

Name: wendy tiley
Posted On: 9/23/2004

Name: Wendy Tiley
Posted On: 9/23/2004
Comment: I am writing to you regarding some of your previous books listed in you paperback 'The Last to Know'which i have just read and thoroughly enjoyed. 'Dearly Beloved' Fade to Black'and'All the way Home'. As i'm coming to New York for a few days in November, where is the best place to buy these books in Manhatten? Thanks Wendy T.

Name: Wendy Tiley
Posted On: 9/23/2004
Comment: Sorry, forgot E-Mail address. wendy@tiley.go-plus.net

Name: Kelly Moretti
Posted On: 9/23/2004
Comment: Mrs. Staub
Never heard from you regarding your visit.
Maybe you are too busy. Good luck with your books.
Maybe we'll see you next year.
Kelly Moretti
St. Augustine

Name: christine harris
Posted On: 9/26/2004
Comment: I am a new fan of yours. I purchased kiss her goodbye because i have seen many of my friends with your books at book club and they told me that if i like suspense you are the new queen. forget mary higgins clark, you are the best! keep up the good work!

Name: Judy
Posted On: 9/29/2004
Comment: I just finished reading "Kiss Her Goodbye." Good book. I read books like elephant's eat peanuts and it's seldom that one stands out as special. I'll read more of your books.

Name: Heather
Posted On: 9/30/2004
Comment: Wendy,
I just finished reading both Slightly Single and Slightly Settled. They had be laughing out loud! I love the characters. Will you be writing more with them? Just wondering. Love the books. I am going to pick up some more this weekend.


Name: Jennifer Dixon
Posted On: 10/1/2004
Comment: My mom and I love your books. You are a very talented writer! We look forward to reading each and every new book. My question: Did you always know you wanted to be a writer? Kiss Her Goodbye is my fave so far! : )

Name: karen griesen
Posted On: 10/2/2004
Comment: i think your books are good

Name: Sandi
Posted On: 10/5/2004
Comment: I am really enjoying reading your suspense novels. I just finished Kiss Her Goodbye and have loaned it to my mom to read. I started on She Loves Me...last night and am really liking it so far. I am trying to find your other novels from the library. Keep up the great work!

Name: Toni Abate
Posted On: 10/8/2004
Comment: Hi. I am from Queens, NY. I first started reading your mystery/horror books and of course love them, then stumbled upon your web site and learned that you wrote under different names. I love your chick lit books. You describe Queens and Italians just like I remember it being. (My father was born in Italy. I now live in Marietta GA and miss NY so much)

My goal is to read each ond every book that you ever wrote. It seems that you get them out more and more.

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the many hours of enjoyment that I get from your books. You are the greatest writer.

Your fan,

Toni Abate (taa@ins-lua.com)

Name: Ada
Posted On: 10/8/2004
Comment: Hi! I just wanted to write and tell you that I think you're a great writer and that I look forward to reading more of your suspense novels. (I can't get enough of them--I have them all!)


Name: Rhonda Rayburg
Posted On: 10/13/2004
Comment: Dear Wendy,
I just finished Kiss Her Goodbye.It was the greatest!!!!
I cant wait for Lullaby And

Name: Ellen
Posted On: 10/14/2004
Comment: Ms. Staub:

I just finished reading "Kiss Her Goodbye" and what an edge of your seat 403 pages that was indeed!! Holy cow, can you ever write a fabulous suspense novel!! I am so looking forward to finding and reading your other novels and will be first in line next year waiting for your newest.

See you do have fans in Ontario, Canada as well.

Keep writing, we're waiting.....

Name: Lisa
Posted On: 10/20/2004
Comment: I just finished Kiss her goodbye and have to tell you what a great story teller you are, it was refreshing to know that my 15 year old daughter an read this book. Thanks for your talent. lszerlip@hotmail.com

Name: Toni Abate
Posted On: 10/26/2004
Comment: Wendy,

On my birthday, I received a Never on a Sundae and I am on the 3rd story and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your story the best.

It is amazing how you can write suspense tales as well as chick lit and both are equally as good. Pleae keep writing.


Name: mzbecker@juno.com
Posted On: 10/28/2004

Name: michael
Posted On: 10/30/2004
Comment: mgb-1@earthnet.com

Name: britt
Posted On: 11/5/2004
Comment: i love your books! your are an awesome writer!!

Name: christine harris
Posted On: 11/6/2004
Comment: i recently read kiss her goodnight and was blown away by the way every twist the story made kept me entranced. i read it in one sitting! i can't wait to read your other books especially lullaby, and good night.

Name: maria antunes
Posted On: 11/8/2004
Comment: your books are wonderful

Name: Jane Strohl
Posted On: 11/10/2004
Comment: jane.strohl@bbraun.com

Dear Ms. Staub:

Any chance your new book "Lullaby and Good Night" will be getting released before April, 2005...I can't wait for it. I love your books...they are always my favorite for suspense. I have read them all.

Name: Kim Moss
Posted On: 11/17/2004

Name: Kim Moss
Posted On: 11/17/2004
Comment: I just finished reading In The Blink Of An Eye. I was so into this book that I took it everywhere with me, even to work. It is an excellent book. I can't wait to read more!

Name: Burnell Bragg
Posted On: 11/20/2004
Comment: I just finished reading your book In the Blink of an eye for the second time.I read it last year also.
I think that it would make a great movie.

Name: Bea
Posted On: 11/21/2004
Comment: Hi,
Picked up one of your books years ago at the Katonah Pharmacy mostly as a show of support for a Katonah neighbor. I became completely engrossed in the book and have been reading them ever since. I am so looking forward to your next one!!!

Name: Bea
Posted On: 11/21/2004
Comment: Ooops, sorry forgot to include my email address: bea1@optonline.net

Name: Kristine Tanzillo
Posted On: 11/24/2004
Comment: I stumbled across your book "Last to Know" and have been an avid fan ever since. I wasn't aware you wrote under other names until today. Now I have a list of new books I want to read.

The quality of your stories and the writing is great. Your publicist needs to be more aggressive promoting you. Anytime I ask about you at the bookstore or library, nobody has heard of you. Our local library only has two of your older books on the shelf. I will keep after them to buy your books so others can read your work.

I look forward to reading the books you penned under your pseudo names.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Name: Dan
Posted On: 11/26/2004
Comment: Just finished reading Kiss Her Goodbye. Great writing and very suspenseful. Since I am a lifetime western New Yorker, this book added more to my reading enjoyment. However, I have to admit that there were times I'd only read it during the day. It felt like the story was unfolding right in our area
(Cheektowaga). Will be going to purchase another one of your books tomorrow. Thanks.

Name: raso
Posted On: 11/30/2004

Name: Chris
Posted On: 12/1/2004
Comment: Hello, I just finished Fade to Black and I liked it very much except for one thing. I find books written in the present tense *very* distracting. Are all of your books written in the present tense? I'm hoping not. Please let me know.

Thanks, Chris.

Name: Keith Corsi
Posted On: 12/2/2004
Comment: Just passing through, Thought I would say hello.

Name: melissa Chapin
Posted On: 12/6/2004
Comment: I happened apoun one of yours books that a freind recommended and I will tell you that it was aswemome.

Name: melissa chapin
Posted On: 12/6/2004
Comment: I happened upon one of your books that a friend recommended. The book was titled All the way home .I have to tell you that it was a aswemome book that book made me want to read everything that you had out. i now have to get everything that you have published in mystery section thatnks for being a great writer my e-mail address is flirt_22_24@yahoo.com

Name: Leigh Freeman
Posted On: 12/9/2004
Comment: I use to hate reading but one day my friend gave me your book slightly single and I couldn't put it down. Then I found slighlty settled. Thank you I can't wait for "Slightly Married" :)

Name: Bonnie Kewitsch
Posted On: 12/9/2004
Comment: Hi Wendy, I have read everyone of your books and I am looking forward to your new one. Your books our the greatest. I love supense & romance.

Posted On: 12/10/2004

Name: Morgan James Staub
Posted On: 12/12/2004
Comment: Hi Mom! How are you! I love your books!

Name: magie
Posted On: 12/14/2004

Name: Amanda
Posted On: 12/26/2004
Comment: Hello! It is nice to read such wonderful stories from an author who came from my area. I live just outside of Buffalo (about 15 minutes away). Another success story from WNY is always appreciated.
Amanda amandad172@yahoo.com

Name: Judy Zabicki
Posted On: 12/27/2004
Comment: Hi Wendy!!Its me again..I am waiting with bated breath for your new novel to come out in 2005!!! Hurry,please!!My new e-mail address is heyjude66@att.net Would love to hear from you again!!You will always be my favorite writer!!! With Regards, Judy Zabicki

Name: BonnieJ
Posted On: 12/27/2004
Comment: I am a huge fan of the "Slightly" series and was wondering if we could look forward to more of Tracy's drama.

Name: Jenny
Posted On: 1/1/2005
Comment: I always mean to come to your website but it always seems to slip my mind. I picked up one of your books (Once Upon a Blind Date) in a drugstore over the summer when I needed something to read at work. After that I was hooked and proceeded to read any of your books that I could get my hands on. The Last to Know is my favorite; it's the only one that I never saw coming. I can't wait for your next suspense novel. I constantly wonder how you come up with so many different stories that I am unable to put down. Thanks for feeding my love of suspense novels.
-Jenny mo42@optonline.net

Name: Doris Thompson
Posted On: 1/6/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy,
I like reading your books, they're most interesting; whenever I'm at the bookstore, I always make sure, that I can get a book of yours.

Name: Eileen W.
Posted On: 1/9/2005
Comment: I really got into Slightly Single and Slightly Settled, are you going to have a sequel to this story? rjw45@verizon.net

Name: Judy Morris
Posted On: 1/12/2005
Comment: I saw her book on the bookshelf and decided to try it " Kiss her goodbye" it was really good. I like the suspense books very much.

Keep them coming


Name: Susan W
Posted On: 1/13/2005
Comment: Wendy,

Name: Susan Woodard
Posted On: 1/13/2005
Comment: Are you going to publish a 3rd book to go along with Slightly Single and Slightly Settled? I want to know what Trace is going to do next. I just Loved those books!!! Shopinsuzy@copper.net

Name: Darla
Posted On: 1/13/2005
Comment: I LOVE your books!! I'm excited for Lullaby & Goodnight to come out in June.


Name: Patrick Peek
Posted On: 1/13/2005
Comment: I was first introduced to you when i read witch hunt. in it it had a spoiler for Obsession. It said that it was the first in the Spellbound trilogy. I have read Obsession, but have yet to read Possesion. Will it still be a trilogy?

Name: Ginny
Posted On: 1/15/2005
Comment: I am halfway through "Kiss Her Goodbye." What a wonderful story. I can't put it down. And best of all, your writing style is CLEAN. No smut, sex, vulgar or obscene language, which shows that a plot can be great without trash. Thank you very much for this. You and Mary Higgins Clark are awesome. One thing: In the story there's 2-year-old twin babies. You seem to have them on at least a four-year-old level. 2-year-old babies don't have free reign of Halloween candy, brush their own teeth, communicate so eliquently (more like a 4-year-old), and they certainly can't play Uno! Not even a 6-year-old child could master that game. 2-year-old babies need to have their diapers changed and are not capable of getting themselves ready for bed. If the twins had been 5, it would have been more believable. That's the only thing. The story is great. You really know how to keep a person from putting a book down. I can't wait to pick one of your other stories. You're wonderful!
--Ginny--- Ginn4@aol.com

Name: from Wendy Corsi Staub
Posted On: 1/16/2005
Comment: Hi, Ginny!! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my website guestbook. I'm glad you're enjoying Kiss Her Goodbye! Trust me, as the mom of two young children, I'm well aware that two-year olds don't act like the twins in the story! In the outline and first draft, the kids were two--I revised the age to make them older for the purpose of the plot, but missed the "two" description that had been there earlier, and none of us caught it in later drafts or the galleys. I have heard from lots of readers who pointed out that the twins are much too precocious for two, and I agree! Although when my youngest was two, he DID believe he had free reign over his halloween candy. He fell asleep on his bed that night still dressed in his "Tigger" costume with chocolate smeared all over his face and stuffed in his cheeks. :-) I'm posting this here so that other readers can see it as well!
Best, Wendy Corsi Staub

Name: Morgan Staub
Posted On: 1/16/2005

Name: Brittany
Posted On: 1/23/2005
Comment: HI,my name is brittany and i really enjoyed reading your books, I would very much like it if you could e-mail me at love_forever_69_5@hotmail.com I am doing a project on your book Voodoo moon and it is due tusday january,25 i would like it if you could tell me how you came up with the name Voodoo moon it was an intresting name. Well i have to go thanks for your time.

Name: Meredith S.
Posted On: 1/24/2005
Comment: I have loved all of your books but I felt I had to tell you just how much I enjoyed Mike, Mike and Me. It was great. I had a situation close to Beau's and like Beau, I picked the right guy. The book really made you think ... what if?...but also, thank goodness I made the decision I did! Keep the great books coming! Mere

Name: Carla Blanc
Posted On: 1/25/2005
Comment: Wendy,
I am a manager at the Media Play in North Syracuse, NY. I would like to create a showcase of local authors and their work. I would like to impose on you to send me a 8 by 10 photo of yourself for the display. This is something I am just now creating so any input would be helpful also. My phone number at work is 315-455-0195. I work basically 7 to 5 monday to friday. please give me call when you can, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and keep those great books coming.
Carla Blanc

Name: fran jaromin palkowski
Posted On: 1/30/2005
Comment: just finished one of your books KISS HER GOOD BYE was great i'm 74 years old and remember a Corsi family from Walnut Street in Lackawanna NY (bethlehem park) I remember a Dorothy in particular It would be interesting to know if you are her daughter or grand daughter. I certainly will purchase the rest of your books. I enjoyed it so much . franpal2004@netscape.com

Name: charlietherifleman@hotmail.com
Posted On: 2/8/2005
Comment: Ms. Staub,
I recently discovered your books & am now a fan for life...
Do you have any personal appearances scheduled in the near future for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area???
Thank you,

Charlie Feaster

Name: Arlene Record
Posted On: 2/9/2005
Comment: I just read All The Way Home and I loved it.The proof reader has something to be desired though. I am looking forward to reading more of you work. Your capture a lot of real things i feel. Thank You. Arlene

Name: Jason
Posted On: 2/10/2005
Comment: HI WENDY!! It has been a long time since I last spoke with you. My name is Jason Pickard, I live in North Carolina, we were pin-pals about six years ago!! I would send you my writing and you would comment on it!! So how are your children?! I would love to hear how things are going and from the looks of it you have been busy writing, which is still a passion of mine. However I am currently in college working towards a psychology degree, but please email me so we can catch up!! My email address is JBird3001@aol.com!! I hope you remember me!!!

Name: Anne
Posted On: 2/10/2005
Comment: Just had to comment on "Mike, Mike and Me." This is an outstanding read! Great plot. (and of course I guessed correctly which Mike she ended up with!) I loved it, couldn't put it down. Just read your recap of your new book, and I'm anxiously awaiting to read this one as well. Keep up the great writing!


Name: Beth
Posted On: 2/13/2005
Comment: I am truely thrilled to find out that you write under aothedr name. I was begining to think I wasn't going to have anything to read once I finished the books listed in the front of Fade To Black! I am hooked on your books! I can't wait to get to the store and get another! Keep writing!!

Name: Vince Tampio
Posted On: 2/20/2005
Comment: I am your cousin residing in Silver Creek, NY. Your grandma Sarafina and my dad Joseph were bros and sisters. When you go thru SCNY, be aware that I have cold beer in the fridge. We hear lots of good things about you. Go Girl!!
(BOGSAT= Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking) and is easy to remember

Name: Lindsey Pouppirt
Posted On: 2/23/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy,

I've enjoyed your work so much that I've actually been inspired to write my own novel! I've been told by friends and teachers throughout high school and college that I'm a talented writer...a few even claim that the end of a short story I wrote gave them "chills." I'm currently an advertising exec in NYC (you can relate). My degree is in marketing. I would be extremely grateful for any advice you can give me on becoming a published author. I've reached a point where I want more happiness and creativity from my career. My email is linz61480@hotmail.com. Thanks for your time.

Name: Lars
Posted On: 2/25/2005
Comment: Can your youngest son come over to play again soon?

Name: christie
Posted On: 2/25/2005

Name: saly
Posted On: 3/3/2005

Name: saly
Posted On: 3/3/2005
Comment: ok.

Name: Jill Drury
Posted On: 3/3/2005
Comment: YEAH!!!! Two new books, I have been waiting for a long time, glad I happened upon the titles today so I can Pre Order!!! Love your books!

Name: Jill Drury
Posted On: 3/3/2005
Comment: YEAH!!!!A New book, I have been waiting for a long time, glad I happened upon the titles today so I can Pre Order!!! Love your books! jill.drury@telus.com

Posted On: 3/5/2005

Name: Dani Magdziarz
Posted On: 3/6/2005
Comment: I would just like to say that I am a fan of your books. I just finished reading The Nine Month Plan. I finished it in 2 days. You are very talented. I was wondering how you got started in this industry? I love to write and I have taken many college classes in writing. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to read some more!

Name: Theresa Alveira
Posted On: 3/7/2005
Comment: I just love all your suspense novels. I picked up "Dearly Beloved" just by chance and then I was totally hooked. I have now read all of your novels to date. I have just finished "Kiss Her Goodbye". It was totally awesome and I can't wait to read your new one in June!!! You are one of my favorite authors.

Name: Angelica FElix
Posted On: 3/8/2005
Comment: i would like some information on wendy corsi staub for a research paper i have to do in my 12th grade english class. if anyone has any information please let me know felixangelica14@hotamil.com

Name: Rosanna Ryan
Posted On: 3/16/2005
Comment: Hi, Wendy!

I just finished reading "Hello It's Me" and loved every page! I bought it after hearing the song playing in a supermarket. Still humming the song when I arrived at the bookstore, I walked up to the best seller stand at Barnes & Noble, and there it was! I had not heard that song in years, nor had I read any of your books! I am
now hooked, and plan to read them all! Thanks so much for writing such a heart warming book with such a catchy title!

Best Regards!
Rosanna Ryan "-)

Name: Rosanna Ryan
Posted On: 3/16/2005
Comment: I just wanted to add that I am from Atlanta, Georgia!

Name: Rachael
Posted On: 3/19/2005
Comment: Wendy, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I really do love your writing. I started with Slightly Single, and followed up with Slightly Settled, as well as a few others of your "chick-fiction" You are an amazing writer, and I thoroughly enjoy your work. You have a great sense of humor, and is reflected in your writing. If you can I would LOVE To con't reading about Tracey Spadolini in her adventures with finding lasting love, happiness, and all that goes with it. I find a slight identity with her, and enjoy her adventures in that crazy thing we call love.

Name: Bonita
Posted On: 3/19/2005
Comment: Hey it's Bonita, I hope that I can come and see ya Wendy at the Book Nook

Name: Jana Walker
Posted On: 3/20/2005
Comment: I read "Kiss Her Goodbye" and I was hooked. Passed the book on to my boss - she read it and went out and bought "Last to Know". We love your books. I am originally from Cheektowaga - but am now down in Florida. walker1021@msn.com

Name: Linda
Posted On: 3/26/2005
Comment: linmoe@sympatico.ca
happy easter

Name: Melonie Gibson
Posted On: 3/27/2005
Comment: Hello, I bought your book "Kiss Her Goodbye" and had it read in 5 days. I could not put it down. I just ordered 4 of your others. Can't wait until June for your next one.

Name: Brittany Mishler
Posted On: 3/28/2005
Comment: Wendi,
Whaere did you get the name Brittany Butterfield, from your book Brittany Butterfield and The Back To School Blues? I wondered because that is my maiden name---Butterfield!!

Please let me know --sick_teacher@yahoo.com

Name: sue
Posted On: 3/28/2005
Comment: dear Wendy, I would just like to say that i enjoy your books and have read almost all of them and am anxiously awaiting the new one coming out in June. You books keep me up for hours I just can't put them down. Keep up the great work.

Name: monica talaga
Posted On: 3/30/2005
Comment: i love your books. i make a point of looking for your books at library and bookstores,just like i do with mary higgins clark. you are right up there with her as my fav authors. keep up the good work.

Name: Debbie
Posted On: 3/31/2005
Comment: I just finished Kiss Her Goodbye. Although it has been on my nightstand for months I haven't had time to read it. I finished it in 2 days. It was fantastic & I am looking forward to your next book. I think I will go & get some older ones just to hold me over until I can get the new one. Your books are the ones that I always reccommend to people.

BTW- I used to post on SAHM's coffee break as Doober71 before I had my second daughter. I miss hearing about what's going on in your life.

Keep up the great work!! God bless you.

Name: Aahna Olita
Posted On: 4/5/2005
Comment: I am at Troy Ave can you come
over to my for tea now.you look
petty can come to my gamom to.
please write me back at

Name: Robert G.
Posted On: 4/6/2005
Comment: I just finished reading your book, "Fade to Black" and I throughly enjoyed it. Keep up the great work!

Name: Doug Lloyd
Posted On: 4/7/2005
Comment: Wendy and Mark, it was great seeing you in Rochester. Can't wait to get together in the summer. See you soon.

Name: Ann Albrecht
Posted On: 4/8/2005
Comment: After reading "Hello, Its Me', I sent it to a friend who had lost her husband tragically last summer. She found great comfort in knowing she wasnt the only one who did "odd" things to keep his memory alive. however, she wanted to know where you got your ideas of how a bereaved widow behaves. tomato298@aol.com

Name: Laura Montana
Posted On: 4/10/2005
Comment: As my penpal in the past and a role model still, you still entice me with your words. There is no end to imagination.

I still reside at the same address. I look forward to your books and letters.

Name: Jennifer Knudson
Posted On: 4/11/2005
Comment: Just wanted to let you know I greatly enjoy your college life 101 series.

I will be picking up your other books since I really liked your college life series.

Name: Mira Jennings
Posted On: 4/16/2005
Comment: The Wendy Corsi Staub suspense books are in the regular fiction section of all the Barnes & Nobles in eastern Va. and Fairfax, Va. If they were in the mystery section, I'm sure more people would find them and become readers. Borders got it right.

Name: Kim Miller
Posted On: 4/17/2005
Comment: I love your books. You are the best author. Are the books written under pseudonyms the same style as the ones written under your name? I love the ones written under your name. Keep writing faster!!

Name: Claudia Hackett
Posted On: 4/20/2005
Comment: Your books are a pleasure to read. I cannot wait for the next one.
Thank you !! :)

Name: Robin Walker
Posted On: 4/21/2005
Comment: I have just read two of your books in three days! They are wonderful. I could not put them down. I am looking for your other books to read. Good job!!

Name: Jill Merjesk...
Posted On: 4/21/2005
Comment: Thank you for the book covers--I cant wait to read the rest of your books!! But can you take down my posted fan letter? I hate that when I am Googled my gushing email surfaces.

Name: Kurt, Meg and Hannah Phillips Fredonia, NY
Posted On: 4/22/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy...just came online to show my daughters (Meg & Hannah who want to be writer's too) that regular people do get famous! You have come an incredible distance from David Lunde's Creative writing 101...I thought you wrote fantastically then, and now the whole world knows you do. I'm privaleged to have sat in that class with you. God bless you and those you love. Kurt (somemomojo@hotmail.com)

Name: Magani Kwoo
Posted On: 4/23/2005
Comment: Goood site.

Name: Charlotte
Posted On: 4/26/2005
Comment: Hi Mrs.Staub,
It is Charlotte. I wanted to check out your site and see some of your books. Are there any that would be good for someone my age? Thanks for being so supportive of my writing- I think that you are awesome!
Freckle252@aol.com or Mattjessbennett@yahoo.com


Name: Jan Kelly Hillsberg
Posted On: 4/27/2005
Comment: I'm hooked on your books! Just finished Mike, Mike and Me and Slightly Single. Both remind me of me! I lived in the NY city in the 80's, worked at an advertising agency (also on a condom account and others), spent many summers in NYC, was overweight, married a Mike and moved to the suburbs, was a stay at home mom while my husband commuted in, etc. I can't wait to read more! I worked at Young & Rubicam, was wondering if you also did. My email is Heckydairy@aol.com. I'm recommending your books to all my friends, but I'm tentative to start the suspense novels. They're not too scary are they....? Thanks for being a good writer. Jan

Name: Sandy Hill
Posted On: 4/30/2005
Comment: I won one of your books (Mike, Mike and Me) through the Red Dress Ink/Softlips promotion. I loved it! I passed it on to a co-worker who then passed it on to another co-worker. They loved it, too. Now we are buying your books online and scouring the library for others!

We have all found circumstances and feelings we could relate to and love all the "laugh out loud" thoughts and situations your heroines find themselves in.

Keep up the good work,

a new loyal reader from Florida

Name: ssickinger@americallgroup,com
Posted On: 4/30/2005
Comment: Hello, my name is Susan and I saw your web site. Just wanted to tell you that I am one of AJ Stuab's great granddaughters. If you would like to contact me my email address is ssickinger@americallgroup.com or you could email my brother Stephen Kirsch who has a lot of information regarding my great grandfather you can at kirschfam5@netzero.net.
Thanks, Susan Sickinger

Name: debbie
Posted On: 5/1/2005
Comment: i cant wait for another book to come out. yours are some of the best i have read in the past few months. looking forward to the next book

Name: Michele VanOrt Cozzens
Posted On: 5/4/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy. I picked up "Mike, Mike & Me" on a whim (at Costco) the other day because I'm married to a Mike and I was looking for something to read . . . you know how it is when you get down to the bottom of the pile and then have nothing?!

It's been fun getting to know Beau over the past two days. What a story. A laugh on every page. Love your writing style and look forward to reading your other material.

Cheers! From the author of "I'm Living Your Dream Life," and "The Things I Wish I'd Said."

Name: Erin S.
Posted On: 5/6/2005
Comment: I just finished "Hello, It's Me" and it was fabulous!! I am a huge fan of yours and am looking forward to your next book!!

Name: Niki
Posted On: 5/7/2005
Comment: I just finished Mike, Mike & Me yesterday and it was one of the best books I have ever read! The title initially caught my eye since my boyfriend's name is Mike. I read it in a few days and could not put it down the entire time. I must read more of your books! Thank you for letting me spend time with your characters!

Name: stephanie nelms
Posted On: 5/11/2005
Comment: Wendy, your books are so awesome I love all of them, I could barely put them down to feed my kids dinner. I have all the wendy Corsi Staub books and can not wait for Lullaby and Goodnight. they make great beach reads. keep up the great work.
I am now wondering who is the better writer you or Mary Higgins Clark???? It sure is a toss up.

Name: phyllis sabellichi
Posted On: 5/12/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy - can't wait for your new book to hit the stores -
Lullaby and Goodnight -
Thanks for writing such good novels!!!

Name: Paul . abell
Posted On: 5/14/2005
Comment: Wendy Corsi Staub,I've worked as a printer at Quebecor World in Buffalo for 26 years. Until now I did not read much.My wife is happy I'm glued to In the Blink of an Eye. Good story, good job Thank you.

Name: Lynn Banman banman2@hotmail.com
Posted On: 5/15/2005
Comment: Dear Wendy,I have read almost all of your books.They keep me on the edge of my chair,and I can not turn the pages fast enough.Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Kay Moretz
Posted On: 5/15/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy,
I'm sure going to pick up one of your books!! Please stop by my new Feather Kisses website, and sign my Guestbook. Any tips would be appreciated.
Kay - upcoming suspense novel

Name: Dorothy Seekins
Posted On: 5/18/2005
Comment: I love your books, espically the murder mystery type. You really know how to hold a readers attention. My daughter, who is 17 now and myself have read 5 of your novels. As soon as I am done with one, she picks it up and reads it. I can't tell her about the book. She wants to find out herself. But after she is done we have a discusion about the book and what we liked about it. You have two fans right here in Hope, Maine. Dorothy Seekins and Ashlee Seekins

Name: Beckythemom@hotmail.com
Posted On: 5/31/2005
Comment: Last week in the middle of grocery shopping with my two hyperactive boys, seeing Lullaby and Goodnight on the rack of newly released books was a beacon of sunshine through stormclouds. I finished it in two days and it was your best one yet. It kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat the entire time. Keep up the good work!

Name: Maggi Lara
Posted On: 5/31/2005
Comment: i just finished IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE weeks ago and just loved it!!!!! from cover to cover ...i loved it!!!! . you are my favorite author , i have every single book you have written ,some of them i haven't even read them yet!! but just knowing that is a book by you it is a guarantee i gonna love it ...i usually before to buy a book i read what it is about, but with you i just take the book from the shelf and pay for it .actually i just bought LULLABY AND GOODNIGHT.
KEEP doing such as great writting!!!!

Name: Nichola Januario
Posted On: 6/2/2005
Comment: I just wanted to say I love your books. I started reading your stuff because I am a big Mary Higgins Clark fan and I was told your books were alot like hers. I like mystery novels but just read your two horror novels Obsession and Possession and was wondering if you plan on writing any more like that?? My e-mail is bluesaphire999@sbcglobal.net

Thank you,

Name: Toni Andrews
Posted On: 6/3/2005
Comment: Please send me your email and snail mail addresses so I can invite you to the Florida Romance Writers conference.


Name: Marilyn Desmond
Posted On: 6/7/2005
Comment: I am reading In the Blink of an Eye and am loving it! However, Iowa is no where near Lake Erie as mentioned on page 91 (Pilar and Raul). My husband is a writer of historical novels, and I know how meticulous a writer must be in obtaining the facts for a book. I'm surprised that your editors didn't pick up on the error. Having said that, however, since this is the first of your books I have read, it will definitely not be the last.

Name: lisa shaffaval
Posted On: 6/8/2005
Comment: love your books so far!! SO relateable, real writings. I find them easy reading and I get caught up in them I can't put it down!!

Name: Pattie Holden
Posted On: 6/8/2005
Comment: Fantastic reading, love your books - each page is a complete delight!

Name: Lisa Leshaw
Posted On: 6/9/2005
Comment: "She Loves Me Not" was a terrific read. Did anyone notice that "Leo's" language skills had grown dramatically? (see pages 349 & 367).
I grew accustomed to the style of this character'speech pattern and then he learned how to say "Leslie" and "Christine" within a few pages.

Name: Dana Gilpatrick
Posted On: 6/10/2005
Comment: June 10,2005
I just finished reading "Lullabye And Goodnight" and once again I found myself torn between making it last or devoring it in one sitting...the later won out-I could not put it down :)I anxiously await your next thriller. I also LOVE the "Slightly...." series.You are one of the few authors books I snatch up the day they are released without even reading the back cover.Why do you write under all the different names?-I fear missing out on some of your new books.Keep up the great work-I am NEVER disappointed.

Name: Lenny Staub
Posted On: 6/10/2005
Comment: Just finished reading all the letters on this page. Since I have ALL of your books I guess I will start reading them so I know what you are talking about when you write the next one

Lenny Staub

Name: Judy Zabicki
Posted On: 6/13/2005
Comment: Hi, Wendy!!! You did it again for me! I loved "Lullaby and Goodnight"!!!! I love all your books! As I told you before..you are my favorite writer,ever!!!Can't wait for your next book! A Wendy fan, forever!!!!Judy Z. My e-mail is heyjude66@att.net

Name: Kristine
Posted On: 6/14/2005
Comment: What a fun read,Hello Its Me.Do you have any more info/contacts for EVP? We lost our 4 yr old 2 yrs. ago,would love to communicate?!Thanks,I will be enjoing the summer chick lit !

Name: Kristine
Posted On: 6/14/2005
Comment: Hello again,duh, I spaced adding my e-mail.pinkfor2@yahoo.com.Hope to hear from you.Thanks again, K

Name: Beth
Posted On: 6/16/2005
Comment: Thank you so much for continuing to give reader's the chance to share in the crazy life of Tracy Spandolini! She cracks me up! Can't wait for the new book!

Name: Judy White
Posted On: 6/16/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy:
I was delighted to find "Lullaby and Goodnight" at Costco, and to now have access to your web site!
When scouring book stores for your writings (which I've unexplicably had trouble locating), does one search under the "Ss" for Staub, or the "Cs" for Corsi Staub? The
owners of the stores I've tried don't seem to have the answer.
The best thing about finding "Lullaby and Goodnight" (other than looking forward to reading it, of course!) is that I now have a list of all of the books you've written and can indulge my love of your books to my heart's content!

Name: Nancy Parsons
Posted On: 6/17/2005
Comment: I have just discovered your suspense novels and I am hooked! They are just the right amount of suspense and density. I love books that have lots of substance, that take some "checking back" to make sure I know what's going on. As one person wrote, it was late in the book before I had an inkling of who the villain might be, and then I was still surprised at the ending. Great writer!!!!!

Posted On: 6/18/2005


Name: Julia
Posted On: 6/18/2005
Comment: I discovered your writing thanks to one of my best friend's love of books. She read "Kiss Her Goodbye" and refused to babysit by herself for months. I read it after her and I slept on the floor of my parent's room every night that I wanted to read some of it. Little to say, I only spent about 3 nights there then I finished the book. Some moments, I'd hide the book because it was so intense.

Two days ago, I was shopping at Wal-Mart and found "Lullaby and Goodnight." I was so excited. It was impossible to find your books in stores so this was a pretty big deal. I bought it and I have about 100 pages left. Pretty good considering I'm taking summer school and spend a majority of my free time working on a musical at the college. No regrets buying this novel.

Keep on writing. You're a wonderful author.


Name: Jenny
Posted On: 6/19/2005
Comment: Wendy,

Like all your books, I absolutely loved Lullaby and Goodnight. However, I did figure out who the villian was about halfway through the book. There was one clue that, for me, revealed who it was. It had more to do with your writing style in general (since I've read all your other novels) than the actual plot. If you want to know how I figured it out (it was really a guess that proved to be true) you can email me at mo42@optonline.net. I can't wait for your next book to come out!

Name: phyllis sabellichi
Posted On: 6/22/2005
Comment: Dear Wendy: I just got Lullaby and Good night - I just can't put it down -do we really have to wait till april 2006 for the final victim? As you noted on your website your fans want you to write faster - I am one of them - Thank you so much for such "good reading:
Phyllis Sabellichi

Name: derstling@charter.net
Posted On: 6/23/2005
Comment: Hello Wendy,

I just finished reading Lullaby and Goodnight and wanted to let you know I think it's your best book yet. It kept me up way too late.

I'll be looking forward to your coming book set in Savannah. I live in a suburb of Atlanta and do like the southern atmosphere you spoke about. I don't know if you saw the movie, The Gift, but it was set in a location near Savannah which I think is perfect for a mystery.

Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your sleep robbing books in the future.


Deborah Erstling

Name: Christina
Posted On: 6/29/2005
Comment: You're on of my all-time favorite authors! I found you by accident when I was looking for some good thrillers to read. My favorite book of yours (so far) is Witch Hunt. I absolutely LOVE historical fiction! Do you have an e-mailing list? I would love to be on it!

Name: Margie
Posted On: 7/1/2005
Comment: Just read my first book written by you and I am hooked. Mike, Mike & Me was a riot - loved it and hated to get to the end. Rushing out to find more of your books today!

Name: Natalie Weidner
Posted On: 7/3/2005
Comment: Ijust started reading your books and love them! How do yo get so many great ideas! Keep up the good work!

Name: Danielle - Dnllphillips@aol.com
Posted On: 7/3/2005
Comment: I love your books - they are so good! I can never guess who done it! My mom and all of her friends have to read every book I get that was written by you - even some of their husbands have to read them! Keep up the good work!

Name: Sally English Koellner
Posted On: 7/4/2005
Comment: Wendy,

Thought I'd drop you a note from Austin, Texas. I'm currently reading your book 'Lullaby and Goodnight'.

I've read several other of your books, I like them better than Mary Higgins Clark.

Ed and I send our prayers and thoughts to you and your family. I'm sure Lisa told you my mom passed away with multiple myeloma 5 years ago. While I was pregnant with Christi.

It's a tough loss that you'll never totally get over. Mothers are very special.
Your mother was a beautiful, strong woman, just like my mom.

Hope to see you soon. I might take the kids to Canton, Ohio in 2 weeks. If Grandma Jan or Aunt Ellen will go with me, we will make a side trip to Buffalo to see Jimmy and Lisa.

Stay in touch.
Our email: ekoellner@wi.rr.com

I really admire your books. Enjoy the reading.

Name: Pamela Ann Miller
Posted On: 7/5/2005
Comment: I love all your thrillers! Do you have a newsletter, so I'll know when your next thrillers will be released? Keep up the great work, awesome talent!

Name: melissa.turner@ymca.net
Posted On: 7/5/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy,

I just finished reading Slightly Settled and I loved it. My question is should I have read Slightly Single first? If I read it now does it make a difference?

Name: Pam Quattlebaum
Posted On: 7/6/2005
Comment: I am the co-chair for the handout table for the Moonlight and Magnolias Conference sponsored by the Georgia Romance Writers in September 2005. If you are interested in submitting promotional materials for our handout table, would you contact me with an email address so that I could send a more formal letter? I believe it's too long for this message window. Thanks very much, Pam Quattlebaum


Name: Kris Jensen-krisjensen71@hotmail.com
Posted On: 7/9/2005
Comment: Just a note to let you know you're on my "keeper list" I've read just about all of your suspense novels. Each one I can't put down. Drive my husband nuts staying up reading one of your books until the late, late hours of the night! Keep up the fantastic work. -Kris

Name: Kelly
Posted On: 7/11/2005
Comment: Hi,
I just read your book Dearly Beloved and loved it. I had to run out and buy Fade To Black and All The Way Home I can not wait to read them. You were just added as one of my favorite authors along with Lisa Gardner.

Posted On: 7/15/2005

Name: Roz Duflo
Posted On: 7/16/2005
Comment: I Just funished Lullaby & Goodnight - Just a week after getting it - I love the way it ended. Roz - mrblues@bellsouth.net

Name: Lynn Banman
Posted On: 7/18/2005
Comment: Dear Wendy,You are one of my very favorite authors.Your books keep me up into the wee hours of the night. Excellent.Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Candice
Posted On: 7/18/2005
Comment: I've been reading your so-called "chick lit" books and I really enjoy them. I'm just finishing up my fourth book, 'Mike, Mike, & Me' and cannot wait to read more. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Name: ashlie
Posted On: 7/19/2005
Comment: you are an amazing author! i hate reading, but i just couldnt seem to put down your book, she loves me not. that has got to be the best book i have ever read!

Name: Toby Gudmundson
Posted On: 7/20/2005
Comment: Just finished reading Lullaby and Goodnight..excellent reading, my favorite kind of book; one that's very hard to put down. Keep up the good work.

Name: Monica
Posted On: 7/20/2005
Comment: I have read I few of your books. They sure are page turners and scary I loved reading them. Cant wait to read your newst one.

Name: Mary Beth Wynn
Posted On: 7/21/2005
Comment: I just want to say, that your books are great. I love the hoor/mystery novels. And when I read yours I can never put it down, cause I want to know who it is, I try to guess who the killer is, and I'm always wrong. I can't wait to read your new one. Keep up the good work!

Name: Linda LaBella
Posted On: 7/22/2005
Comment: lin1230@optonline.net
Wendy: You are my new FAVORITE author! I got hooked when I read "She Loves Me Not" and since then have been a mission to find ALL of your books. LOVED Lullaby and Goodnight. I have started many of my friends reading your books. KEEP WRITING!!

Name: Mugu
Posted On: 7/23/2005
Comment: Nice site.Add me pls.

Name: Mugu Maga
Posted On: 7/23/2005
Comment: Nice site.Add me pls.You are my all time favorite author! Your so creative! My question for you is, why write under different names? I have a hard enough time finding your books! Also, are all your books in hardback as I am trying (with very little luck too.

Name: Robie Cummings
Posted On: 7/26/2005
Comment: I purchased your book "Lullaby and Goodnight" yesterday around 7:30 p.m. I started reading it when I got into bed, and I just finished it at my desk at work. I've never not been able to put down a book and finish it in maybe two to three days. It hasn't even been 24 hours. Magnificent? Keep up the good work.

Name: Amanda Peterson
Posted On: 7/27/2005
Comment: I use to hate reading books. But then I was introduced to In the Blink of in Eye. I loved that book so much that I had finished in one day. Then I decided to get some of your other supense books and i love them. There are only 3 books that I haven't read yet and that is because I can't seem to find them in any local book stores. I just want to say keep up the good job and I cant wait to read more of your books. If you have time I would like you to email me because I have some questions. Thank you. amandapeterson@stny.rr.com

Name: Sheila Lynette Staub
Posted On: 7/28/2005
Comment: I am now reading your book "Lullably and GoodNight" It is excellent reading. I am wondering if we are distantly related because it always seems like all the Staub's are related somehow??? My email address is sheilas@pcpartner.net
Drop me a line and we can talk about it if you have the time thanks!!!!

Name: Lisa Beauchene
Posted On: 8/1/2005
Comment: Wendy, just want to say, I have never read a fiction book since highschool and Im a 38 yr. old mother of a second grader. I read "she loves me not" and I was hooked. I cant believe how much the story had me hooked. I stayed up til 2am reading one night. But most importantly I wanted to mention how you made the characters so real I was thinking of them a week after I finished the book. Thank you so much for the great read and look forward to read all of your great work. Chow from Texas

Name: Eunice Phillips
Posted On: 8/3/2005
Comment: Re: Kiss Her Goodbye. The two year old twins you have speaking in a voice of at least three to four year old. It is rare that a two year old is able to speak in full sentences let alone comprehend a came of UNO. Also a fracture and a break are the same.

Name: Laura Rushford
Posted On: 8/4/2005
Comment: I just began reading your newest novel, I am a first time reader. I have been sucked in and will defintely be your newest fan. I look forward to finishing this book and starting on the others. I am excited. I love meeting new authors and find it a great adventure to read everything they have written. daisy40207@aol.com

Name: Jeannine Graham-Johnson
Posted On: 8/6/2005
Comment: This is the 1st. time I've ever written to an author! Hope I don't sound like a goof-ball, but I must tell you that I simply love your books. You always keep me guessing. My other favorite author is Steven King followed by Dean Koontz. You're there with the best as far as I'm concerned. I've noticed as I've read your books (only 3 so far) that you are very knowledgable about flower gardening. So am I. Is this a hobby of yours? Thanks for many hours of entertainment past and in the future.
Jeannine G. Johnson (neany59@tds.net)

Posted On: 8/14/2005
Comment: I just now finished ONCE UPON A BLIND DATE!!! I adored it, Ms.Markham! Will there be a sequel? I sure hope so! I fell in love with the hero/heroine! I have three more of your books on order! .

Posted On: 8/14/2005
Comment: Hi! Just wanted to stop in again and say "hope you like the review I gave ONCE UPON A BLIND DATE there!

Name: Jeannie Pierce
Posted On: 8/14/2005
Comment: I finished Lullaby and Goodnight just a few days after purchasing it (great read, as usual) and now I am wondering about the next book! Always looking forward to news about upcoming books. Keep up the great work!

Name: Karen
Posted On: 8/15/2005
Comment: Imagine my surprise when I started reading "Kiss Her Goodbye" and realized Orchard Hollow seemed a lot like Orchard park... Then there was mention of Cheektowaga and The Bills and so much more!

I am a native of western NY, Lockport to be exact and was so excited about the book and story set in a palce I knew well, I could NOT put it down.

I live in Florida now, do not miss the snow, but your book brought back so many memories.

Awesome book, excellent story and I look forward to reading many more.

Thank You!

Name: Tina
Posted On: 8/17/2005
Comment: I just read my first Wendy Markham book.. Mike, Mike and Me and I'm delighted to say it'll only be the first of many. I LOVED this book!!! The library had it up front on the 'great summer reads' section and I'm so happy I picked it up. I can't wait to read the rest of your books.. no matter what name you write them under.
Thanks for the laughs and the time I 'get away' when I read.


Name: Misty Braman
Posted On: 8/23/2005
Comment: I love to read ur books. They are so romantic and moving. I like to read them in my spare time and when I get in a fight with my dad. They are the best. I wish i could afford to buy ur books so i could read them when I am sad or feel like reading.

Name: Misty Braman
Posted On: 8/23/2005
Comment: Ur books are the best. U are my all time favorite author at this time. U are the Best author when it comes to writing books. I have a hard time when I am done reading a book. I wish that u could right other books about the ones that u write. I love to read them. They are the best.

Name: Tammy Hudak
Posted On: 8/24/2005
Comment: Wendy, You are amazing! The first book of your's that I read was "The Last to Know" and I couln't put it down. I am not a reader at all and I was hooked. So, Two years later and my almost 2yr old now sleeps, I bought "She loves me not" and again I couln't put it down. This one I read in 3 days!! I am going to get "Lullaby and Goodnight" tomorrow, can't wait to read it! Do you have a mailing list?

Name: Linda Varner Palmer
Posted On: 8/25/2005
Comment: Hi! from one of your long-ago Silhouette authors. I'm excited about your success and not a bit surprised! Have a wonderful career...

Name: Kira
Posted On: 8/25/2005
Comment: I love the "Slightly" books and I can't wait for the third one to come out in January! I can completely relate to Tracey Spandollini she is one of my favorite heroines!

Name: lauren Tobin and Annmarie Davis
Posted On: 8/27/2005
Comment: i love the book slightly single I know theres more to the series what prices are your other slightly books?

Name: Linda Wood
Posted On: 8/27/2005
Comment: Hello:
My name is Linda. My husband has just been diagnoised with multiple Myoloma. I need a friend.

Name: Linda Wood
Posted On: 8/27/2005
Comment: Hello:
My name is Linda. My husband has just been diagnoised with multiple Myoloma. I need a friend. lindaswindow@comcast.net

Name: Angie
Posted On: 8/31/2005
Comment: i stumbled on your book lullaby and goodnight at walmart and i just love them i have read all but two and one of the two im reading now (Kiss her goodbye).
your books just have that page turning suspense i love them.
i cant wait for a new one to come out!

Name: Letrina Maultsby
Posted On: 8/31/2005
Comment: I have enjoyed reading your books and I would like to know if you have a mailing list to inform us when a new book hits the shelves? lmaultsby@yahoo.com

Name: Marg Perras
Posted On: 9/8/2005
Comment: Enjoyed your most recent suspense novel glad i have found a new writer to spend time with thank you

Name: Bev Gaschk
Posted On: 9/12/2005
Comment: I Loved Hello, It's Me.....thank you for a refreshing read. I am a first time reader of your material and introduced through your Aunt Marion! Many thanks and I look forward to enjoying your work from now on! melbev73@comcast.net

Name: Rebecca Isby
Posted On: 9/14/2005
Comment: I love your books cant wait for the next.

Name: Peita Burton
Posted On: 9/17/2005
Comment: Oh My God!!! I have just started my first book and i am hooked but as living in australia its very hard to come across your books and i am dying to find more!! If you could let me know how i would go about finding them it would be great!! littlevixen77_3@hotmail.com

Thank you soo much and take care!

Name: Lisa Cerrie
Posted On: 9/19/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy! Just finished reading "Slightly Single" (thanks for the autographed copy for Mark, although I snatched it from him so fast that his head was spinning!). This is the first book I've read under your pseudo name Wendy Markham. I LOVED it. Mark would hear me laughing and say,"now what happened...read it to me!" We are your biggest fans here in Oakville, Ontario!!

Name: MaryEllen Dodrill
Posted On: 9/25/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy, just wanted to say thank you for the autographed book. I have read them all and then my mother-in-law reads them. We enjoy them so much. My favorite is Hello, It's Me.
Your fan, MaryEllen(MED23@optonline.net)

Name: Jennifer Duvall
Posted On: 9/26/2005
Comment: 092605
Happened upon you book "Kiss Her
Goodbye" and loved it. I just got lost in the story line and the characters. As a mother of 3
this is my escape from the real world. Keep writing!!!
Just wanted to ask if you ever come to the South to do any book signing? Would love to come to one. Nursegoodbodyjenn@yahoo.com

Name: Susan Delcourt
Posted On: 9/27/2005
Comment: Hey Wendy--

I see you've been busy!Glad life is good. write when you have a chance at zigzag30303@earthlink.net. Rose & Carol are so h

Name: Rose Mary Parslow/Taquino
Posted On: 9/28/2005
Comment: Thanks to you I have heard from Travis Staub who is my Uncle Gus's Grandson. We are corresponding and exchanging info. It's great to discover a new cousin at my age. Rose Mary

Name: Karen Andreozzi
Posted On: 9/29/2005
Comment: I am a big fan of your mystery books. I first read your books when my mother-in-law showed me an article in the Buffalo News reviews. She told me your dad and my husband are cousins, she believed second cousins but wasn't exactly sure. My husband was raised in the Jamestown area before moving to Lackawanna, NY when he was a boy. We have since settled in East Aurora, NY. Since I was raised in this area too, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Kiss Her Goodbye. Recognizing all the local areas throughout the book gave it such a personal and famliar tone. I also enjoyed your "Lilydale book", that was great fun to read too. I'm looking forward to your new book in the Spring, Happy writing! Karen Andreozzi, gramama@adelphia.net

Name: Charlene
Posted On: 10/1/2005
Comment: Hi Wendy,

I just finished reading "Kiss her Goodbye" and was thrilled by it. I don't read a lot of suspense (because I get scared) but realized that I've read a few of your books under "Wendy Markham"--I'm a huge ChickLit fan.
Anyway, I plan on reading more of your suspense novels as I think I can handle them:)
I'd love to hear your advice on what it takes to be a writer. Do you need to have an agent? I read "Writer's Digest" for starters, but it's mainly my lack of time that deters me.
I see a lot of guests have already compared you to Mary Higgins Clark; I agree!
As a Librarian, I will definitely recommend you to patrons as a suspense author for "those who like Mary Higgins Clark".

Charlene (charlene.maki@gmail.com)
Ottawa, CANADA

Name: caramelh@iwon.com
Posted On: 10/9/2005
Comment: Hello, my name is Holly Nielsen. I just finished reading "Lullaby and Goodnight". It was an excellent book, but made all the more eerie by the fact that I was pregnant and also due in Oct. My sister introduced me to your book "Kiss Her Goodbye" in July while I was visiting her in Saskatchewan. I fully intend to make my way through your list of books. Take care and thank-you for the excellent reading. Sincerely, Holly Nielsen. Ontario, Canada

Name: Sallie Ann Cerrie-Koller
Posted On: 10/11/2005
Comment: Wendy-as per a recommendation from my brother Mark & his wife Lisa, I'm buying three of your books as a X-mas gift for my one girlfriend...just thought I'd let you know! We support you!

Your fellow School #4-er ! & Dunkirk gal--

Sallie Ann

Name: Christie (Montreal, age 41)
Posted On: 10/15/2005
Comment: Well I just had to visit your website after enjoying Suddenly Settled for the last few days. I am almost finished it and I swear I am going to go into withdrawal. I am getting Suddenly Single next week as I hadn't realized it was a series when I grabbed it a few weeks ago at at local bookstore. And I just bought The Last to Know today. A book that has you from page one is always such a wonderful distraction from daily stresses - but especially with the winter season right around the corner. Can't wait for Slightly Engaged! And of course now I'll have to check out your other many many books too - thanks so much for keeping us all entertained.


Name: Bobbie Brock, Rome, Ga. 30161
Posted On: 10/18/2005
Comment: Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying your books. I think I've read every one except She Loves Me Not. I can't put one down until I've read the last page. You are terrific!! Keep them coming.

Name: Bobbie Brock
Posted On: 10/18/2005
Comment: Sorry, I forgot to include my e-mail address. Also, I haven't read anything under your other pen names (Wendy Markham) but intend to look for them now that I know it's you!
E-mail: julyfly1934@yahoo.com

Posted On: 10/25/2005


Name: Hope Mata
Posted On: 10/26/2005
Comment: Can you please help me - The new red dress ink homepage - www.reddressink.com keeps redirecting me to another site which is HORRIBLE...Did they change the homepage? I can't find anything about the authors or old books....I am very sad!!!

Name: Diana Ellis
Posted On: 10/26/2005
Comment: I love, love, love your books. I can't get enough of them. They keep me on the edge of my seat. Thanks for all the hours of wonderful reading enjoyment. Keep em coming !

Name: Lisa Pennebaker
Posted On: 11/4/2005
Comment: Thank you sooo much for all my gifts! It was like Xmas! You did'nt need to do that,but it was great! Hope to see you next year! Love,LisaP0818@aol.com

Name: Lisa Pennebaker from waldenbooks
Posted On: 11/4/2005
Comment: Thank you sooo much for all my gifts! It was like Xmas! You did'nt need to do that,but it was great! Hope to see you next year! Love,LisaP0818@aol.com

Name: Kalynn
Posted On: 11/7/2005
Comment: Hi, my name is Kalynn, Ia m 13 years old and I really love your books. I can't wait to read new books in the future by you.

Name: Bonnie Kewitsch
Posted On: 11/8/2005
Comment: I love reading your books, I am an avid reader of love and mystery. You, Lisa Jackson, Catherine Anderson, Nora Roberts
are my favorites. I have read
a'll of your book, keep them coming

Name: Bonnie Kewitsch
Posted On: 11/8/2005
Comment: I love reading your books, I am an avid reader of love and mystery. You, Lisa Jackson, Catherine Anderson, Nora Roberts
are my favorites. I have read
a'll of your book, keep them coming,

Name: Kristy Fairbanks
Posted On: 11/14/2005
Comment: Nickolas Sparks are wonderful I have a great, true story. My Mom is 83 and last year(her first flight) I flew her to Calif to meet her pen pal from 70 years ago. He had saved all her letters. I will be flying her back for another 3mo visit. This is another wholesome story for Nickolas's next novel. Many of his fans think as I do and said, get in touch with Nickolas. Thank You, Kristy Please respond to my email so I know your received it. fairbanks1ke@hotmail.com


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