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Guestbook Archive
February 2003 to May 2004

Name: Cheryl
Posted On: 2/3/03
Comment: Hello from snowy Cassadaga, NY!Wow! I can't believe how busy you've been since HS! I knew you were writing (some things never change!) but had no idea how much 'til I checked out your web site bio.! I've enjoyed reading your last four or so novels and must say it's nice to see a local girl so successful! Congrats. and God Bless! Keep up the great work...Cheryl W. DHS Class of '81

Name: Kelly
Posted On: 2/6/03
Comment: I just finished She Loves Me Not last night. Another great read with a very surprising ending. You did it again!

Name: Josn Jansurik
Posted On: 2/10/03
Comment: I really love your books. Please keep writing them.


Name: Bonnie Jones
Posted On: 2/10/03
Comment: I really enjoyed reading She Loves Me Not, it was a book I did not want to put down. And the ending actually stayed a surprise, which is unusual in most books nowadays. I also read In The Blink Of and Eye and enjoyed it very much, even though till I looked at your website I did not recall who wrote it. I am an avid reader who reads a variety of types of books. But yours I will definitely be watching for. Thank You for a very good read.

Name: Tricia
Posted On: 2/13/03
Comment: Love your books of suspense. I can never put them down. Looking forward to the reissue of Dearly Beloved as that is the only one I haven't read. Keep writing the great suspense book.

Name: Tracy
Posted On: 2/18/03
Comment: Hello from the midwest. Read She Loves Me Not and I wanted to tell you it's a great read. Gripping-couldn't put it down! Looking forward to finding more of your books!

Name: Patrcia
Posted On: 2/19/03
Comment: I've read and loved all of your books, my favorite being The Last to Know. I'm currenty enjoying She Loves Me Not and I can't wait for the next release!

Name: Debbie
Posted On: 2/21/03
Comment: From the first suspense book of yours I read I became an instant fan. They are so good that you just can't put them down! Looking forward to the next one as it is the only one I have not read. Please keep writing!!

Name: Carol Cable
Posted On: 2/26/03
Comment: I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! Please keep writing! I'm having a hard time finding your books Please email me back whem you have time. My email address is Mcable335@.com
Thats aol.com it wasn't clear. I got a questionn you write different last names I go to look under one and the librian says there is no uch name! The names I can't find books under are Wendy Morgan, Wendy Markham, Wendy Brody? Why are you writing under so many names?

Name: Nscotto@aol.com
Posted On: 2/28/03
Comment: Hi Wendy, I have been reading your books and have enjoyed them very much. I am trying to get a copy of "Dearly Beloved", and no one has it. Is there any way you can get me a copy of that book.
Thank you Phyll Scotto

Name: Wendy Staub
Posted On: 3/1/03

Name: Pat
Posted On: 3/2/03
Comment: Just finished reading "She Loves Me Not"...was hooked 'til the very end, although what I really didn't need was a story set in a snow storm with all the snow we have had this winter. I, also, enjoyed "All the Way Home" which my daughter gave me. By the way, my daughter is listed in your acknowledgements. I am looking forward to reading more of your books, really like your style.

Name: Bonita C
Posted On: 3/3/03
Comment: Cassadaga, NY
Hey there "She Loves Me She Loves Me Not" was such a great book I couldn't put it down. And Wendy I told you that is why you have gotten such great response out of it so far.
I can't wait for the next one!!!

Posted On: 3/3/03

Name: Gail Outlaw
Posted On: 3/5/03
Comment: Hi, I recently bought your book "She Loves Me Not". After reading it, I went back and bought "In The Blink Of An Eye". I loved the fact that I couldn't figure out the ending until you told me. I usually have them figured out by midway!!I am now completely hooked on your books! I was especially intrigued when I realized that Lily Dale, NY really exists!!!!!!! I plan to get all the books that I can find that you have written.....keep up the good work!!! I really like them.......

Name: John Corsi
Posted On: 3/8/03
Comment: Dear Ms Staub, as you can see, we share the same name "Corsi". My father Sal had two first cousins in New York state, Albert and Mike Corsi. Is there any chance you are an offspring of either one of them. Uncle Albert's wife was named Edwina. I hope to hear from you.

Name: John Corsi
Posted On: 3/8/03
Comment: Dear Ms Staub, as you can see, we share the same name "Corsi". My father Sal had two first cousins in New York state, Albert and Mike Corsi. Is there any chance you are an offspring of either one of them. Uncle Albert's wife was named Edwina. I hope to hear from you.

Name: John Corsi
Posted On: 3/8/03
Comment: Dear Ms Staub, I just sent you an e-mail and forgot to include my e-mail address which is: jcorsi@tampabay.rr.com

Name: Mary
Posted On: 3/9/03
Comment: JUst finished reading She loves Me Not it was a read to the finish.I can't wait to your next suspense DEARLY BELOVED comes out in Aug. 2003. Your books are are the best. Kept up the good work.

Name: Darlene
Posted On: 3/12/03
Comment: Just recently discovered your romantic suspense novels and I can't get enough of them! Have read all that are available and am looking forward to the reissue of Dearly Beloved. PLEASE write more of this style - there aren't enough good books in this genre!

Name: Ginakay Walker
Posted On: 3/13/03
Comment: I love your books..... I can't wait for the next one..

Name: reggie nadeau
Posted On: 3/14/03
Comment: wendy:
i wonder if you can help? what i am looking for is a copy of DEARLY BELOVED with the old cover. I know that the book is going to be reprinted in august. by my mothers birthday is in april. I think this would be a very special gift for her. Can you point me in the right direction. thanks for your time..


Posted On: 3/17/03

Name: Carla Reece
Posted On: 3/18/03
Comment: You are a wonderful author that has kept my interest in every book. You cannot write fast enough for me, I would like to go WalMart every day and pick up a new novel by you. You are to thank for many all-nighters for me. Not complaining though. I have passed your name and books on to several friends. Thanks for the good reads.

Name: Barbara Jones
Posted On: 3/22/03
Comment: Hello Wendy:
I am reading the book "She
Loves Me Not". I have to
say..this is one of the best
books I have ever read. So...
therefore..I logged onto ebay and
amazon to get more of your
books. Thank you for making
such a great read!!!!
Sincerely, Barbara Jones
Oklahoma City, OK

Name: Cousin Mary Corsi from Dunkirk,NY
Posted On: 3/22/03
Comment: Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Very proud of you!

Name: Joanne
Posted On: 3/31/03
Comment: I have just read my first Wendy Corsi Staub book and enjoyed it. Will be looking for others at my favorite book store. Keep up the good work.

Name: Lisa Hanson
Posted On: 4/3/03
Comment: I just read one of your books for the first time!! It was "She Loves Me Not" and it was soooo good! I could not put it down!!!! The only problem is, now I am hungry for more!! So tomorrow I am going out to but some more of your books to read!!! Keep em coming Wendi!!!

Name: Rincy
Posted On: 4/7/03
Comment: Just finished "She Loves Me Not". Wonderful reading Kept me guessing right up to the end. Can't wait to read more of your books. Keep it up!!


Name: Ida
Posted On: 4/7/03
Comment: Hallo!I laked your book,summer lightning,but I have some qustions about you.Ilive in swedenand at my scool my tetcher want me to tell my clasmats abot a writer,so I pickt you. I wold lake to know when yore born and how manny books you have wrote?

Name: Ruth Doescher
Posted On: 4/7/03
Comment: You are just about the best mystery writer around, with no exceptions....cookydoe2000@yahoo.com

Name: Becky
Posted On: 4/8/03
Comment: From Dearly Beloved to She Loves Me Not, and all the other genres in between, you are one talented lady. Thanks for the great reads and keep 'em coming!

Name: --------
Posted On: 4/14/03
Comment: Your books are truly wonderful. I enjoy them so much. As soon as I am close to the end of one book, I pick up another one so I can immediatly have another book to read. please keep up the good work.

Name: look up, that was me talking
Posted On: 4/14/03
Comment: hi , i just signed your guestbook, i just didn't feel my comment truly expressed the respect i have for you. I REALLY like your books and hope to keep reading them. Thany you !!!!!!!!!!

Name: hollie
Posted On: 4/14/03
Comment: hi,i'm from indiana and i just love your books,you are great keep up the good work!

Name: Sue
Posted On: 4/15/03
Comment: Just started reading your books, and they are great. I am buying the rest for summer vacation reading.
C'mon summer!!!!
Keep up the great work, you are a super novelist.

Name: Megan Mahoney
Posted On: 4/18/03
Comment: I was so excited to see you at the Book Nook. Your books are fantastic! Thanks again for the copy of Summer Lightning.

Name: Maureen Portman
Posted On: 4/21/03
Comment: Hello from West Seneca,NY! Hope all is well with you and try not to "fall off the face of the earth"-keep those books coming.IBOAE was great and I highly recommended it to my friends.I'm working on She Loves Me Not.I will try to get a hold of Slightly Single. I checked out your website and I'm amazed at the depictions of characters and relevant settings in your books.

Name: Mary Ann Ballone
Posted On: 4/22/03
Comment: Just finish reading She Loves me Not as my Husband was being evalulated for a Heart Transplant. Talk about weird. My friend recommended this book and I just LOVED IT. Can't wait to read all your others.

Name: Maggi Rodriguez
Posted On: 4/23/03
Comment: Your books are the best i have ever read!!!!...i enjoyed THE LAST TO KNOW and i'm reading (almost done) FADE TO BLACK, boy! what a great book!!!!. In my birthday ,i just wanted books by you....i got 3 of them!!!

Name: Chambrey McLain
Posted On: 4/24/03
Comment: I am a new reader of yours and I can't believe I haven't heard of you until now! I started with She loves me Not and now am reading In the blink of an Eye-I love them! I have a complete list of your books and am going down the list one by one! Thank you so much for such fantastic novels!

Name: Donna
Posted On: 4/25/03
Comment: Hello from Boston. I love all
your books. I am currently reading She Loves Me Not.

Please keep on writing these
great books. Looking forward
to the next one. I have read all
your books. Loved The Last To Know.

Name: Sharon
Posted On: 4/28/03
Comment: I really enjoy your books. I have only missed one that I plan to get.
I like how you also came from the New York area.

Name: Rita
Posted On: 4/30/03
Comment: I just recently bought my first book "She Loves Me Not" written by Wendy. Now I'm hooked and am on a mission to read all her others. It's just that I'm not very patient but will have to wait until December for a few others. I didn't want to put the book down!!

Posted On: 5/4/03

Name: annette
Posted On: 5/11/03

Name: Janice
Posted On: 5/15/03
Comment: Living in th UK I find it difficult to get hold of your books. I find myself scouring libraries and book stores all over the country. Can't wait to read the new book. Keep up the brilliant work!!

Name: Judy
Posted On: 5/19/03
Comment: Wendy,you are one of the best writers of thriller fiction I have ever read. Keep them coming! I have read them all!

Name: Cynthia
Posted On: 5/19/03
Comment: Hello... I really love your suspenseful novels. I've read "The last to know" and "She loves me not". They were both great. I'm a full time nursing student and I look forward to my breaks so I can read your books. I'm hoping to read "fade to black" and "all the way home" this summer and I am currently reading "In the blink of an eye". Thanks for such great work of entertainment with suspence.

Name: Kayla Heywood
Posted On: 5/22/03
Comment: I am reading you book witch hunt and i just wanted to say that i love it and I want to read more of you very good books! and by the way i am 13 years old and this is the first book i have said i really like and i can't put it down,. even my best friend Jerri was very creeped out that i liked it so much and now she wants to read it so i am getting many people to love you books the way i do!!! thank you for writing this good book now i will want to read all you books you have ever writen.THANK YOU WENDY CORSI STAUB!!!!!

Name: T.C. McMullen
Posted On: 5/26/03
Comment: Hi Wendy. It's been many years since our last correspondence through Long Ridge, but thanks to your advice and guidance, I learned much and have developed my writing. My second suspense novel has just been published. Thanks for all your help and for creating such wonderful reads for all of us to enjoy.

Name: Lenore
Posted On: 5/28/03
Comment: Hi from The Berkshires! There is nothing like a book you don't want to put down and yours are wonderful! I have read most of them, they are so suspenseful and I can't wait for Dearly Beloved to come out again in August. Please keep on writing..we can't get enough! Thanks.

Name: Judy
Posted On: 5/29/03
Comment: My uncle, John Mancuso (former principle DHS) said to say hello and congratulations on your success. I haven't read you books but I plan to. Can I ask you a question? You can e-mail me at Choraleoneart@aol.com in the hopes that I can send you e-mail directly. Thank you and I am going to buy your books this week!

Name: Claudine Morgan
Posted On: 6/12/03
Comment: I feel really cheeky using your site when I haven't read your book the reason i'm writing is because you share the same surname as myself and obviously members of my family. By the way in Cardiff, South Wales, Great Britian. My family came to South Wales way back in 1874 from Atina headed by Sebastian and Lucia Corsi. I have read other comments and see there is a John Corsi who has also written. My Auntie Linda lives in NY. Good luck with all that you do. Love Claudine, Glyn, Maria and Lucia x

Name: Jacqueline
Posted On: 6/17/03
Comment: I have just been reading She Loves Me Not, and I am very intrigued by it. I will definitely be looking for your other books. Thanks for great entertainment.

Name: lenny
Posted On: 6/26/03
Comment: All your books are great keep up the good work

Name: Revee
Posted On: 6/26/03
Comment: I love your books!

Name: rhonda robbins
Posted On: 6/30/03
Comment: i really like your suspense books, they keep me guessing till the end.

Name: phyllis@paston.com
Posted On: 7/1/03
Comment: Dear Ms Staub: I have read all your books and just want to let you know what a fantastic author you are - I have ordered She Loves Me not - and can't wait to receive it and read it -

Every book I've read by you is excellent. Thank you so much.

Name: Kristin
Posted On: 7/7/03
Comment: I just finished She loves me Not...it's the first book I've read by WCS and I'm hooked. It was awesome. My heart was pounding when I found out who the killer is. Just today I ordered a bunch of your books, including the rerelease of dearly beloved, and I can't wait to read them. I also just read in your biography that you lived in RI for a few years. I also live in RI and I was just wondering why you use fictional towns when the setting is in RI?
Anyway, keep up the good work, and I can't wait to read another one of your novels.

Name: Elizabeth
Posted On: 7/10/03
Comment: Two things; an error in The Last to Know...Margaret's description early on, "Only Margaret still bears the Kendall name. Onlyh Margaret has been left to slink in the shadows, etc." That should be 'bears the Armstrong name...' Also, it was interesting in the description of the death of Raul, in the book situated in Lily Dale, his death was exactly the same as my wonderful cat's.. in which he, toward the end, gazed upon something beyond this realm.. and prior to this, had the same weak, last moments. The flashback brought all of this point of departure back to me. Love your books.

Name: Betty Mandt
Posted On: 7/10/03

Name: Betty Mandt
Posted On: 7/10/03
Comment: I enjoy your books very mucy and recommend them to others who enjoy this type of romantic suspense.

Name: Lori Sims
Posted On: 7/18/03
Comment: Hi Wendy, It was great seeing you and Mark, to bad it was under such terrible circumstances.I just wanted to say I was reading about you and all I can say is WOW! you have been pretty busy, and had such great success, you should be very proud. Some people can only wish to make it like you have. Anyway, It was great to see you, and read about your talent. Say hello to my friend and the boys and you take care of yourself. Life is way to short not to,

Name: Carol Dear
Posted On: 7/22/03
Comment: Greetings from the Buckeye State! I stumbled upon your books because in the library you are right before Danielle Steel. So now, I only read your books. They are even better than the books by Mary Higgins Clark AND Victoria Holt! Keep writing - and I'll keep reading! (I love the suspense!)

Name: Martin Maenza - DHS Class of 1983
Posted On: 7/23/03
Comment: Wendy, I just finished "In A Blink Of An Eye" in paperback and enjoyed it very much. It was a treat to read about all the familiar western NY things within the context of some gripping fiction. I have fond memories of buying books at the Book Nook where Dulcie gets her new copy of "Where The Wild Things Are".

Name: Mary Kay Hanus
Posted On: 7/26/03
Comment: Just completed "She Loves Me Not", the first book of yours that I've read and was compelled to write and tell you how much I enjoyed it!!! So much so that I went out last night and bought the rest of your gems with the hopes of them being every bit as well written at "She Loves Me Not"! GREAT writing for great reading! Thank you for sharing your talent! P.S. I've NEVER written to any authors before like this!

Name: Karen Misiaszek
Posted On: 7/29/03
Comment: Hello, from East Killingly, Ct, I am currently reading Dearly Beloved and am enjoying it very much. I have a collection of all your other books and enjoyed each and every one of them. Keep up the good work! And please don't stop writing. Karen

Name: Rosalie
Posted On: 7/29/03
Comment: I have read hundreds of mysteries, yes hundreds! You are the first author that I have read that has ALWAYS

Name: Rosalie
Posted On: 7/29/03
Comment: I hit the wrong key. I will start again. I have read hundreds, yes hundreds of mysteries. You are the only author who ALWAYS stumps me as to whodunit!!! I can never guess who did it as you make so many people look guilty. Love your books.

Name: Carol
Posted On: 7/30/03
Comment: I live on the border of Chautauqua County NY on the PA side and bought one your books while in Jamestown. I am hooked and can't wait unitl next summer to read the new one.

Name: Sara
Posted On: 8/1/03
Comment: Hey Wendy - I just finished The Nine Month Plan and LOVED it! Great job! If only your books were published as quickly as I read them! lol You'd have to write about 2 books a week at that rate! :)

Name: Lisa H
Posted On: 8/3/03
Comment: I love your books! Keep em coming!!

Name: DJCBJones@aol.com
Posted On: 8/4/03
Comment: Thank You Wendy! I just finished She Loves Me Not. Thrilling! I just couldn't put it down! Looking forward to Dearly Beloved.

Name: Paul, Sandy, Ryan & Sierra
Posted On: 8/10/03
Comment: Wendy, Mark, Morgan & Brody:

Glad you guys could make it down. Hope you all had a good time. Thanks for the candle. It smells great & it was very thoughtful of you.
Stay in touch
The Haneys

Name: kara
Posted On: 8/11/03
Comment: wendy
am rading she loves me not and i am loving it cant wait to read more of your books.

Name: Jennifer S.
Posted On: 8/11/03
Comment: Just finished reading Dearly Beloved. It was great, will be getting more of your books soon. Keep writing them and we will keep reading them.

Name: Doris McLellan
Posted On: 8/12/03
Comment: Love all your books!!Great job!
Keep them coming!

Name: Julie
Posted On: 8/14/03
Comment: Just read Dearly Beloved, She Loves me, etc. & Blink of an Eye-all excellent! Dearly Beloved similar to a Mary H. Clark book and a little too graphic, but extrememly suspenseful. Please keep writing!!

Name: Lucinda M. Gray
Posted On: 8/16/03
Comment: I love your writing. It is very easy to follow and your books have very complex, interesting plots.

Name: Kim Miller.
Posted On: 8/17/03
Comment: I love all your books.I hated to see Dearly Beloved end.

When are the August books due out and what are their titles?

Can you write faster?

Name: greg bryant
Posted On: 8/19/03
Comment: HI! I 'm a fan who looks forward to reading your suspence books,I just got done reading 'Dearly Beloved" it was different but i still like it. my favorite book of yours is "In A Blink of a Eye". I'm also going to give the book "Obsession" a try. Keep up the good work and i will look forward to your books to come.

Name: Del
Posted On: 8/19/03
Comment: Wendy, A friend just loaned me your book Fade to Black. I couldn't put it down last night.
I will look forward to all your other books. When I like an author I buy all of that authors books for my library. Thanks

Name: Davina
Posted On: 8/21/03
Comment: I LOVE your books. Everytime I go to the book store, I have to check to see if there is a new book out!! Keep up the great work and bring us more books to read!!!!

Name: Jessica P.
Posted On: 8/21/03
Comment: I have read 8 of oyur books and have loved every single one of them. You always keep me guessing! Once I start reading I can't seem to put the book down! Keep up the great work!!

Name: Jessica P.
Posted On: 8/21/03
Comment: I have read 8 of your books and have loved every single one of them. You always keep me guessing! Once I start reading I can't seem to put the book down! Keep up the great work!!

Name: Tina
Posted On: 8/22/03
Comment: Hi from Massachusetts!! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your books. You are one of my favorite writers - I am just finishing your latest book "Dearly Beloved" - your characters are so real - thank you for every enjoyable minute I have reading. Looking forward to your next book...

Name: Ellen Staub
Posted On: 8/22/03
Comment: Hello from Md. I first starting reading your books because I thought that anyone named "Staub" could not possibly write a bad book!! I have thoroughly enjoyed your books and now have my friends reading them too. I look forward to your newest release - keep up the good work!! Ellen Staub

Name: Kathryn
Posted On: 8/24/03
Comment: I love your books, you can't write fast enough for me! Congradulations on your new son.

Name: Pam
Posted On: 8/25/03
Comment: I'm currently reading "She Loves Me Not" and am thoroughly obsessed by it. It grabbed me from the first page and is absolutely fantastic!! As a public librarian, I will heartily recommend your books to all of my suspense-loving patrons.

Name: Wendy Staub
Posted On: 8/27/03
Comment: I can't believe I saw my name in print when I came across your book. I just had to buy the book "Dearly Beloved". I really enjoyed it and plan on buying more of your books. Hey any chance we are related?

Name: Christine Ciulla
Posted On: 8/27/03
Comment: I just finished reading Dearly Beloved... after finishing She Loves Me Not before that. I LOVE to read.. and usually read 2 books a week. These were 2 of the best books I have ever read. I finished Dearly Beloved in 2 days - I literally couldn't put it down. I'm looking forward to purchasing the rest of Ms. Staub's books and also looking forward to her upcoming novel. Keep up the great work!!

Name: Sarah
Posted On: 8/30/03
Comment: hey! i just love your books! i've read and reread The Last to Know and In The Blink of an Eye. Your style of writing and the way the characters are portrayed and draw out are amazing! Keep up the good work!

Name: Susanne
Posted On: 8/31/03
Comment: Hello from the South! I have read all of your suspense novels and adore each one of them. My favorite is "In the Blink of An Eye". I anxiously await your next release. Keep up the great work!

Name: Amanda
Posted On: 9/1/03
Comment: I really enjoy reading your books. They're wonderful. I was thinking of perhaps opening up a fanlisting online for you.

Obviously, I'm quite the fan...


Name: Willa
Posted On: 9/3/03
Comment: I just finished Dearly Beloved. I couldn't put it down. What a page turner! Every time I read one of your books the frist chapter tells me I'am in for a great read. Wendy, I've added you to my list of favorite author's. I just love ALL of your books. Your a great suspense writer. Stephen Gilbrooke and Jasper Hammel were two creepy charters. You have a friend in Pennsylvania. Willa from Pa.

Name: Claudia
Posted On: 9/4/03
Comment: L O V E the books so much. Keep writing !!!!!!

Name: Connie
Posted On: 9/5/03
Comment: I've read (as has my mother) all of yours books and we absolutely loved every one of them. Sad to say we were very disappointed in "Dearly Beloved". Just wondering why you felt you had to include so much "sex" in this one. Liked the way you wrote much better in the other books.

Name: Shannon
Posted On: 9/7/03
Comment: Hi Wendy - I am an avid MHC reader and recently went on a vacation with none of hers left to read - I bought "Dearly Beloved" and enjoyed it... as a teacher though I just wanted to let you know there were quite a few (at least 6) editing mistakes...
Sorry to be so anal but...


Name: Corinne Maples
Posted On: 9/9/03
Comment: Wendy's books are the best. I usually don't like to read Suspense but I can never put her books down. I always finish them in a day or two!

Name: Rose Mary Parslow/Taquino
Posted On: 9/11/03
Comment: Just discovered your new paperback at the store, and am preparing to read it. My mother's name was Staub and she lived in Mobile,Al.Her father,Prof.A.J.Staub was from Zug,Swiz.Just wondered if there was a connection. Am looking forward to reading your other books also. Rose Mary

Name: ki-ki
Posted On: 9/12/03
Comment: I read the book Real life: help me,and i love it yes it made me cry because i have the same problems like karen but also like her i am on meds. and getting help. i want to find out more things about the book.

Name: shawna
Posted On: 9/16/03

Name: Sue Brentlinger
Posted On: 9/17/03
Comment: Just finished Dearly Beloved, and I believe there was an excerpt at the end from a future novel, can't recall the name, but it started out with a girl taking a short-cut home from a babysitting job and she gets kidnapped, I believe. Please let me know the title. Thanks

Name: Peggy
Posted On: 9/17/03
Comment: Hello from Caroga lake, New York! I have read all of your books, and i think you are a fantastic author..Do you have any more new ones coming out? Dearly Beloved was so good I read it in 24hours! Keep up the wonderful work, and hurry with more books. Peggy J P.

Name: Morgan
Posted On: 9/20/03
Comment: Wendy is my mom and i have read Mitzi Malloy and the Anything but Heavenly Summer.It was great!
:)Morgan Staub

Name: Yolanda
Posted On: 9/22/03
Comment: Hello Wendy! Just read "The Nine Month Plan" and I thought it was a great one!! You had me laughing, crying and feeling for the characters. As a mom, you had me going with Nina planning to give up her baby over to Joe, but loved how she came around. I am looking forward to reading more of your work. As a 'writer wanna be' I admire your talent for keeping the reader turning page after page. I hope that the day I finally take myself seriously, and get to work on a book, I can be as creative and talented as you. God bless you and keep that talent going on for many years to come. All my best!

Name: Rachel
Posted On: 9/22/03
Comment: I just read 'In The Blink of an Eye' and loved it. I believe in everything that the little girl saw and told my mom we are going to Lily Dale! Where is it exactly? I've also read 'She Loves Me Not' I loved that one also, I never read much less a four hudred page book and I read two of yours in three weeks! I love you style, cant wait to get your other books! If you could please let me know more about Lilly Dale! Thanks

Name: Rachel
Posted On: 9/22/03
Comment: I just wrote to you and forgot my email address it's Riflethrower15@hotmail.com I would like to more about Lily Dale!

Name: Diane Williamson
Posted On: 9/23/03
Comment: You really are incredible, Wendy; I can't say enough about your books!!I became a fan after devouring "All The Way Home". "All The Way Home" will always hold a special place in my heart. I always buy your books immediately upon release & I recommend them to everyone I meet. I love being spooked & to wonder who is behind all of the chills. You are a favorite of mine like Mary Higgins Clark- she is the Queen & you are the Duchess!! :)

Name: WCS
Posted On: 10/3/03
Comment: Testing...

Name: Cindy Potter
Posted On: 10/4/03
Comment: Wendy, I just wanted you to know that I just finished reading THE LAST TO KNOW, and I loved it! You are an incredible writer and I will continue to enjoy your books. Keep writing! (cinderella34787@hotmail.com)

Name: Mandy
Posted On: 10/5/03
Comment: I absolutely love your books, and your writing style. You always find a way to keep the reader hooked. Your ideas are excellent. Needless to say, you are my favorite author! Thanks for writing.

Name: williampijuan
Posted On: 10/5/03
Comment: heres my email address wxp36@earthlink.net

Name: Ashleigh W.
Posted On: 10/9/03
Comment: Halloween Party is a great book. I love mystery books. It is the best book I have ever read!

Name: Wendy K.
Posted On: 10/9/03
Comment: I love your books!

Name: Judy Morgan Kiger
Posted On: 10/11/03
Comment: Wendy, It was great meeting you this past June at Morgan & Nicholas's Little League game. Hey, a "real, LIVE author"!!! Since that time, I have read all your books that I could get my hands on, the last being SHE LOVES ME NOT. Enjoyed it the most of all. My only comment (besides: you're great!) is: Could you please write FASTER?!?!? I have told several of my friends about your books, so am working on building you a following in the South (which is, by the way, a great place to live...and visit!)
My Email address is jmtkiger@bellsouth.net. Now, stop reading this stuff and go work on that next book!!!!!
P.S. Pls. note my maiden name above.

Name: Ashleigh W.
Posted On: 10/13/03
Comment: Hi I'm in the 8th grade and I relly liked Halloween party! At first I got a little confused but after reading it a little bit I finlly got it. It was a great book! The next book I'm going to read is witch hunt . I went to my libary and they didn't have it so they ordered it for me from the main libary. It should come soon.

Name: Ashleigh W.
Posted On: 10/13/03
Comment: I don't have a email addess.

Name: Dimmond
Posted On: 10/16/03
Comment: I really like you books I can't wait to read all of them thank

Name: Janice (class of 82 - Dunkirk High)
Posted On: 10/19/03
Comment: Hey Wendy!,
I came across your books while shopping and was so pleased to see how well you are doing! E-mail me when you get a chance so we can catch up. janicevogt294@hotmail.com

Name: Lisa Kean
Posted On: 10/25/03
Comment: Just read Dearly Beloved, the first book of yours I've read and am now hooked. I am on the lookout for your other books.

Name: Linda
Posted On: 10/27/03
Comment: I've been hook on Mary Higgins Clark but have become frustrated that she isn't writing enough to keep up with my reading! I'm happy to have found another author to add to my list of favorites. Thanks for the hours of reading you've provided me!

Name: Bill Wiley
Posted On: 10/27/03
Comment: Am I the only male who enjoys this style of fiction? At least I appear to be the only one posting here. I am current;ly reading DEARLY BELOVED and enjoying the ride immensley! I love the New England tie in and notice you also write about New York as well. I would love to read a book of yours about the Maine coast. I own a house there and the location is a perfect place for murder!!! Cheers! B.W.

Name: elvajardine@hotmail.com
Posted On: 10/30/03
Comment: Hi Wendy:Just read dearly beloved what a great book-loved it. Had our local library order me several more of your books. I will be adding you to my favorites for sure.I read a lot of suspense books and only pass on the best to friends and family, yours is making the rounds.

Name: karen
Posted On: 11/2/03
Comment: HI
I have a group called Karen Find out about new books!
I love to have you come and chat with us.
I have about 410 members.
Nov 11th or 25 9:00 Eastern Time
I hope you can
Thanks so much

karen find out about new books
Yahoo! Groups : karenfindoutaboutnewbooks
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/karenfindoutaboutnewbooksLove Romance reviewerKaren

Name: kim
Posted On: 11/2/03
Comment: I'm really hooked on your suspense books!!! Keep writing!!

Name: Joan
Posted On: 11/3/03
Comment: Hi Wendy: I absolutely love your books and I await every book that you write. Congratulations and keep up the great work! My e-mail address is joanyb@cs.com Thank you!

Name: Willa
Posted On: 11/8/03
Comment: Hi Wendy I'am a big fan of yours I've read all of your books, out of all your books that you've written I must say I don't have a favorite one, because ALL your books are my favorite. How can anyone pick a favorite. I just finished reading She Loves Me Not. I guarntee once anyone start reading one of your books, they'll be up untill dawn with their eyes glued to the pages. Wendy your the best!! Keep writing. Willa. Oh by the way here is my e-mail address.

Name: Marsha Lynn
Posted On: 11/9/03
Comment: I really enjoyed your novels. I just finished reading 'In the Blink of an Eye' and 'She Loves me She Loves me not'. I'm looking forward to reading your newest novel.

Name: Karen Misiaszek
Posted On: 11/10/03
Comment: I cannot wait for your next suspense novel to be published. I read every one of your books and enjoyed them all!

Name: Vicky
Posted On: 11/11/03
Comment: You are a wonderful writer. Mystery's have been my favorite type of books for many years now, and you are one of the best author's I've had the pleasure of reading. Keep them coming Wendy!

Name: Juanita Hudson
Posted On: 11/11/03
Comment: I just this minute finished reading Dearly Beloved having previously read my first book of yours called Fade to Black.I now have added you to my can't do without reading list. I think you are wonderful and am looking forward to my next adventure with you. My Husband has cancer and we have a lot on us so it is truly a joy to me to read a really great book and you are truly a great author. Please keep it up. Thank you, Juanita Hudson, Altavista va.

Name: Marjorie Calamia
Posted On: 11/13/03
Comment: Dear Wendy Thank you for the update. I usually read by author, once I read them, so it's nice to know your other names. Have read all your books, even some of the ones for juniors. Loved them all.

Name: phyllis sabellichi
Posted On: 11/17/03
Comment: Dear Ms. Staub
Thank you for the beautiful book jackets and post cards - I purchased a giant frame and made them into a collage - thank you for doing that - I look forward to your next book - and I thank you for your kind e mail -
Phyllis Sabellichi

Name: Kristina morrison
Posted On: 11/23/03
Comment: Hi there,

Reading your front page quote about your new book and you say "And why can't Nina ignore her own pesky attraction to Mr. Wrong, Julie's matchmaking pal, Charlie?"

You mean Maggie right? lol - I just finished The Nine Month Plan that I bought from Borders and I LOVED it. I just discovered that the OTHER book I purchased at the same exact time was written by you under a different name so I'm starting that one next.

Anyway, Nina should be in love with JOEY... so you really meant to say Maggie right? lol

Just making sure...


Name: Dave
Posted On: 11/25/03
Comment: Greetings from St Pete Florida..
Just finished Dearly Beloved..Though it was great!..So much so I just ordered all of your books!

Name: shirley
Posted On: 12/2/03

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Name: Vanessa
Posted On: 12/3/03
Comment: Hello Wendy,
Just wanted to let you know how much I really enjoy reading your books.
Please do keep writing them. Wishing you plenty more of success.

Name: Ana
Posted On: 12/3/03
Comment: Hello, from Fall River MASS.
I love all your books they are so hard to "put down"!! I am currently reading Dearly Beloved and its GREAT!! Congrats on your new baby :)

Name: Sunni Harper
Posted On: 12/5/03
Comment: I truly loved 'Dearly Beloved'! I liked how it read, the characters and the ending. You've renewed my faith in mystery novels! This book would make a great movie! I can see Nicole Kidman as Liza, Rikki Lake as Sandy and Julia Roberts as Jenny/Laura. Collin Farrell would work as Stephen. I haven't settled on Jasper's portrayer as yet. Thank you so much! Sunni (jpsharper@aol.com)

Name: Cathy Abrams
Posted On: 12/5/03
Comment: I'm nearing the end of "She Loves Me Not" and I LOVE this book!!! First of your books that I've read, but it will not be the last. You are GREAT and I look forward to reading all your books. Thanks so much and please keep em coming!!

Cat :-)

Name: Lisa DeLeon
Posted On: 12/8/03
Comment: I just finished "Dearly Beloved" and thought it was a wonderful book. It is the first book by you that I have read and I am really looking forward to reading more!

Name: Susie
Posted On: 12/10/03
Comment: You are the best ! I've read everything you've written. Anxiously waiting for your next book. Keep them coming !

Name: Diane Simmons
Posted On: 12/11/03
Comment: Please stop writing in the present tense - it drives me crazy. I can't read your books because of this and I love the ideas behind all of them.

Name: micki merrill
Posted On: 12/11/03
Comment: I have read it not all, but close to all of your books. I am looking forward to the new ones. Thank You...

Name: Sylvia
Posted On: 12/18/03
Comment: Hello...I'm pretty much a poetry fanatic...and I read "Help Me" just about 5 times over and I've never been failed to be amazed by the one poetry paragraph written "Pain chokes my soul like bile, it mangles my bitter heart until it oozes crimson on cold concrete..." did you happen to write more to it at one time...or does it have no ending? If there's more to it, could you possibly send it to me? My e-mail address is; sunshineface16@hotmail.com
By the way...I love your books!!!

Name: Kathleen Wallace
Posted On: 12/20/03
Comment: I just finished Dearly Beloved. I hate to admit that I recently discovered you, that I haven't known of your writing before. I am an avid reader, trying to keep up with the works of over 100 authors. I like to read a variety. I enjoy your work and look forward to reading many more of your books.

Name: Mike balkind
Posted On: 12/27/03
Comment: Dear Wendy,
I am a budding new writer in your town. I have been givin your name by many people who know you, including the librarian. I would have called but i couldn't find your number. I have been in sales & marketing for 20 years and just finished my first manuscript this summer. It is a mystery on the PGA tour. While I am in search of an agent I started my second book. I never knew I was a potential writer but I would love to make a career out of it(No harm in dreaming-right?).I would love to talk to you and see if you have any recommendations for me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Name: Mike Balkind
Posted On: 12/27/03
Comment: My email address is mbalkind@hotmail.com

Name: Rhonda Boisey Raggs341@aol.com
Posted On: 12/27/03
Comment: Recently read She loves me not and it was trrific just finished Dearly Beloved and was a little disappointed no where near as good as She loves me not but am looking foreward to your next new one Kiss her goodbye and will be watching for it however will not buy reprints from your early days.

Name: Cheryl Alessi
Posted On: 12/28/03
Comment: Wendy, thanks for sending me the link to your website. I'm so proud of you - to think we started out reading those laura ingall wilder books together! Now my daughter is reading them and it brings back lots of memories. Congratulations on your success and my hope is to someday (once my children are older) to read all your books! They sound wonderful!

Name: lcrazyrose2003@wmconnect.com
Posted On: 12/28/03
Comment: i have already read several of your books and loved them all. i just started reading dearly beloved and already can't put it down.the suspense reall kkeps me wondering.

Name: Paula from upstate NY
Posted On: 1/6/04
Comment: I just finished reading "In the Blink of an Eye." I was on vacation visiting my folks in Alabama and came across the book on their family room shelf. When I discovered that the setting was Lilydale, I really became interested. What a great read -- I couldn't put it down! Funy thing though, my parents have no idea how the book came into their house! And it had been unread as the spine was not yet broken! Weird. Anyway, I am now a fan and will check out the rest of your books.

Name: Kerri
Posted On: 1/6/04
Comment: I love all your books. I just went out and bought the whole collection. Keep writing, I can hardly wait for the next one.

Name: Barb Turnbow
Posted On: 1/7/04
Comment: I love the way you write and have read about 7 of your books. Keep up the excellent work.

Name: bonnie kewitsch
Posted On: 1/8/04
Comment: kewitsch@Charter.net
hi wendy,
I loved to read your books,i read alot.suspense,true murder stories.& romantic.I've read all your books.am looking forward to your new ones. Thank you for letting me enjoy your work. bonnie

Name: Julie Mann
Posted On: 1/9/04
Comment: I have read all your books-including Obsession/Possession. Loved them all. When will you have a new book out?
Thanks, Julie jmann@copera.org

Posted On: 1/11/04

Name: Courtney
Posted On: 1/15/04

Name: Courtney
Posted On: 1/15/04
Comment: Whoops! "Pressed" enter by accident:S I just read "All The Way Home", and I loved it; I kept changing my belief to who did it. I'm really interested in reading "The Last to Know". I read the preview thing in "All The Way Home" and I got chills! Thanks for being such an amazing writer! I wish you all the best!

Name: Linda Strong Dunkirk, NY.
Posted On: 1/15/04
Comment: I recently became acquainted to your books through a gal pal that used to know of you in school, you were one year ahead of her. She had three of your mysteries, and I read all three and went out and purchased two more...they are wonderful. I can't turn the pages fast enough. They grab you at the beginning, and keep your interest right to the last page. Keep up the great work, I am looking forward to your new one.

Name: Carsten Staub
Posted On: 1/20/04
Comment: I was looking for others with my surname on the web and found your web-site. I haven't read any of your books, but I will now.
I am Danish (with ancestors from Germany a number of generations back), have travelled the world and now live in Sweden.

Kind regards
Carsten (carsten.staub@sweco.se)

Name: Bill and Judy Farnham
Posted On: 1/21/04
Comment: Received your books "Obsession" and "Possession" from Sandy Dayton for Christmas..even signed from the Book Nook in Dunkirk. My husband Bill picked up the first book and read it within a week. He started the second book and is finished in a day. My husband was one of your neighbors for many years; 713 Park Avenue, Dunkirk, N.Y. and I worked with your Dad at M&T Bank. We both enjoy your books.

Name: Amanda Dennis
Posted On: 1/22/04
Comment: I loved the book "She loves me not" it was the first book I read of yours and it won't be the last. I can't wait to read more of your books.~ Hobbs,New Mexico. My e-mail address is honey_1932006@yahoo.com Keep writing wonderful books! I won't stop reading them.

Name: Wendy Hess
Posted On: 1/23/04
Comment: I just finished reading Obession and the sequel Possession, I don't know how anyone could have waited for so long...Once I read the first one, I immediately started the second one, as I needed to know how it was all going to end...Now that I've finished them, I find myself missing the books and keep wondering, I wonder what comes next...I am a huge fan and have read all your books, and I wait patiently for the next one to be released...Keep up the great writing, definately a true fan here...Reading is my hobby, and your one of my top Authors...Thanks, from Jamestown NY

Name: Wendy Cassel
Posted On: 1/28/04
Comment: I love your books- I just went and bought three of them the other night. I have been very bored with all of the books I have read lately until I came across yours! I love your writing style and plots. My only time to read is a few minutes every night before bedtime and I can't wait to pick up where I left off every night!

Name: Matt Maginley
Posted On: 1/28/04
Comment: Dear Wendy,
Saw a copy of "She Loves Me Not" on our kitchen table. Asked Elaine , my wife, what she thought...said it was great. Congratulations on the NYT Best Seller list. Keep 'em coming.
Matt and Elaine Holuk-Maginley maginleym@aol.com
P.S. Tell Mark Matt said "Hi" @ Active

Name: wendy
Posted On: 1/29/04
Comment: i could not put down dearly beloved until it was read cover to cover. my friend read it and was also fasinated. there was a "teasing" chapter at the end for your new book but it did not give the name of the new book or when it is due out. could you please email me at phred642@yahoo.com with the name of the new book and when it is due to hit the shelves. my friend and i can hardly wait to get our hands on it. thanks!!!!!

Name: Sally Holub
Posted On: 2/1/04
Comment: I love your books. I just finished She loves Me Not. I could not put it down. Keep on writing. I look forward to the next one. My e-mail address is mltsally@aol.com

Name: New Yorker in New England
Posted On: 2/3/04
Comment: Wendy - Why don't you set one of your next books in a small, seaside town just 40 minutes north of Boston? It would be really easy to do the research and I bet you'd have big fun too!PUUUHHHHLLLLLEASSSSEEEEEEEEEE? There's plenty of room for you here by the sea!

Name: Alaina
Posted On: 2/5/04
Comment: After buying Slightly Settled at Barnes and Noble last night, I went home and HAD to finish it before I went to sleep. As a young advertising assistant in Manhattan, I can totally relate to Tracey's trials and tribulations. A job well done!


Name: Susan
Posted On: 2/6/04
Comment: Hey Wendy,

Continued success to you...I'm really, really happy for all the great things that have happened to you. Long way from Macmillan. ..take care!!

Name: Lucinda Gray
Posted On: 2/6/04
Comment: I love your books. I have read Halloween Party and Witch Hunt. Please e-mail me when a new book comes out. Thank you. My e-mail address is ditsieblonde2003@yahoo.com

Name: Laura Keller
Posted On: 2/8/04
Comment: Love your books, can't wait for another!!!

Name: Stephanie Murphy !!!!!!
Posted On: 2/10/04
Comment: Hi Wendy!
I saw you on tv on Sat. morning! You were great...such a celeb.! Congrats on your success. I wish that I could go to Barnes and Noble but Mo has a basketball game.

Name: lori humphrey
Posted On: 2/10/04
Comment: i'm on "Dearly beloved" loving it, I've read 4 out of 6 of Wendy's novels. Cant wait to buy the next.

Name: Liz
Posted On: 2/16/04
Comment: I just love Slightly Single and Slightly Settled. I couldn't put either one down until until they were finished. Are you going to write more about Tracey and Jack? Or explore Buckley in depth? I need more.... I am addicted. Thanks for making me interested in reading again. I forgot how much fun it could be.

Name: Cissy
Posted On: 2/18/04
Comment: I recently found your book she Loves me not. Got immediately hooked on your style. I am on a third book from you. Just a quick note to say great job. Good characters, interesting story until the very end.
Thank you

Name: jakco22@hotmail.com
Posted On: 2/18/04
Comment: I recently found your book she Loves me not. Got immediately hooked on your style. I am on a third book from you. Just a quick note to say great job. Good characters, interesting story until the very end.
Thank you

Name: Kathy
Posted On: 2/21/04
Comment: Hi! I just finished the book "Dearly Beloved," and although it was good, I noticed something and thought I'd ask about it. After the two young women were murdered (and the "saviors" arrived," I noticed that nobody ever rescued the chief of police who was still locked in the Bramble Rose Inn. At the end of the book, he was still there. Supposedly, if I am to believe the character, Jasper, then he was still alive. Was it deliberate that he was left in there with no rescue or was it an accident?

I finally graduated from college and while waiting to be accepted into graduate school, I am doing book reviews. Sometimes older books can be fun to review because it introduces folks to new authors they haven't read.

I'm thinking of doing a review of the book, but before I do, I thought I'd find out what the story behind the chief was. Also, he mentioned his wife a lot, yet she was never introduced. I was sort of disappointed with that. Do you have plans to write about this particular guy again? I think it would be interesting, especially since it is a big art community.


Name: Danny W
Posted On: 2/23/04
Comment: Thank you so much, Mrs. Staub
I am so glad that you sent me those book covers with rour autograph on them! I really appreciate it and am very thankful. I can't wait to read your new book;it looks good.
Thanks again


Name: Sharon Banewicz
Posted On: 3/3/04
Comment: I love your books so very much! I can't wait for the next one to be published!!

Name: samantha
Posted On: 3/3/04
Comment: Do you have other books like Witch Hunt and The Halloween Party? Witch Hunt is may favorite book and then comes The Halloween Party.

Name: Susan S.
Posted On: 3/4/04
Comment: I am only on my second book of your suspense novels and they are "terrific"! I am currently reading 'Dearly Beloved' and I can't wait for the ending and see who lives! Keep up the good work!

Name: Rose Mary Parslow/Taquino
Posted On: 3/5/04
Comment: Was checking out websites on the Parslow family, and saw your name. Must have sent you a note at one time. I am also doing a search on the Staub family. I have a copy of the Staub coat of arms if you would like a picture, I could E-Mail it to you. Have not read your books, but will start today. My Mother was Rosalie Staub Parslow. Her Father, Professor A.J. Staub was from Zug, Switzerland.Any connection? JMTQ@aol.com(rose mary)

Name: Rikki Huntsman
Posted On: 3/8/04
Comment: I just finshed your book Witch Hunt. It is a wonderful book. The detail you have is great. I have read it three times in five day. Keep on writing.

Name: Alia
Posted On: 3/9/04
Comment: I have not been able to put your books down. I've read 3 in the last week and a half, i'm on a roll!And i would love to read a spin off of the Slightly Single/Settled books with the infamous 'Tracey', we can all relate! I LOVE your books, please don't stop writing!!

Name: Adriana
Posted On: 3/11/04
Comment: I am a new fan as I find your books fascinating! Loved In the Blink of an Eye, just finished. Looking forward to reading more.


Name: Michelle
Posted On: 3/14/04
Comment: Just finished ONCE UPON A BLIND DATE -- thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait for HELLO, IT'S ME. Thanks for the romance and fun!

Name: Carol J. Briggs
Posted On: 3/15/04
Comment: Can't get enough of your books....I was on a Medical Leave from work for two weeks and read five of them! Love them all!! Keep them coming, please.

Name: Kellie
Posted On: 3/17/04
Comment: "The Last To Know" was the very first book of yours I read, and then I was hooked! Anxiously awaiting the new one!

Love the horrors and Red Dress Inks as well! :)

Name: Wanda Pagan
Posted On: 3/17/04
Comment: I love your book Nine Month Plan.I just finished reading it. It made me cry, laugh and even analize that love really does exist. It's a great book. I'm looking forward to keep reading these great books. I recommed it to every person who thought that love does not exist.
Keep writing. They are terrific.

Name: Judy Kiger
Posted On: 3/22/04
Comment: I just finished reading DEARLY BELOVED and loved it! I am looking forward to your next one due out "late this spring". Can't wait!!
(from Nicholas & Mac Kiger's "Nana")in North Carolina.

Name: Diane W
Posted On: 3/24/04
Comment: I can not wait for the release of Kiss Her Goodbye. This may be the most spine~tingling of them all. The cover & blurb gives me chills. WCS is always a treat for readers who want a thrill & chill & to sleep w/ the dog in the room, door closed & a nightlight on !!

Name: Danny W
Posted On: 3/24/04
Comment: Hey! I just startes reading the book "In the Blink of an Eye" and I have to say, it is very good. It is rather fun the sit down with abook that mentions things that are familar to you, as does this book for me. Lily Dale is about a half an hour away from me and though I have never been there, it looks interesting. Some things mentioned that I am also familar with is the reference to the "Jamestown Post Journal" which I get every morning. Also Chataqua Lake, Chataqua Institution, Dunkirk, Fredonia, and Route 60 which I have rode many, many times. Keep up the good work and please, write another book about Dunkirk or Jamestown because it is very fun to read one that mentions places that you have been to!


Name: Biggrandmahoney
Posted On: 3/27/04
Comment: Just look at you now!!! How wonderfully well you are doing. I lost track of you for a while and I am delighted to see that you have been writing and writing.I am behind on my reading but I hope to catch up soon.Did you ever get around to writing your Romance books yet? I must go see what you have written.
God bless you Wendy!
Grandma Honey

Name: Greg Bryant Stllunder30@aol.com
Posted On: 4/3/04
Comment: Hi, I justwanted to write and say that I am a fan and read all of your suspese novels and also read "Obsession" and "Possession'
and enjoyed thoses any plans on republishing "Witch Hunt" or " Halloween Party" Becouse they are hard to find.

Name: Julie Mann
Posted On: 4/21/04
Comment: I just read your excerpt from Kiss Her Goodbye. I can't wait to read it--I love Victorian gothics and you are a master.
Thank you!

Name: Jet
Posted On: 4/26/04
Comment: Hi! I just read two of your books, The Nine Month Plan and Once Upon a Blind Date. I enjoyed them. I'll check out your other books. Keep them coming.

Name: Donna Sherman shermjer@supernet.com
Posted On: 4/26/04
Comment: just finished In The Blink of an eye. Loved it and want to go to Lily Dale, NY. Can you tell me what it is near I'm from New Holland, Pennsylvania. Thanks for any infro you can give me.

Name: phyllis sabellichi
Posted On: 5/6/04
Comment: Dear Wendy:
I see your new book Kiss Her Goodbye is going to come out soon and just wanted to let you know I can't wait to read it.
Thanks for the book jackets - I am looking at the one Kiss Her Goodbye right now!
Thank you for all the wonderful reading you have given me.

Name: beth
Posted On: 5/6/04
Comment: hey, went to school w/Mark (Geneseo). I'm good friends w/Sandy & Paul. Heard about your visit, i think it was last summer?? Ended up picking up one of your books and didn't realize until I read your bio who you were! Have read about 4 of them. Started w/the contemporaries, now reading the mysteries. Enjoy your writing very much. Best of luck. If you ever end up @ Sandy & Paul's again, maybe I can shoot down (I live 40 minutes from them-Sandy Hook) and we can have a beer!

Name: Nan Beckett
Posted On: 5/15/04
Comment: Hi from Smiths Falls,ON, Canada.
I recently picked up your book "Dearly Beloved" at the local library. It is the first, but certainly not the last, of your books that I have read. The note on the cover said that if you were a fan of Mary Higgins Clark you would be a fan of Wendy Corsi Staub. That is certainly a true comment. I have read all of her books and I am looking forward to reading all of your suspense
books. Keep up the good work! If our library doesn't have any more of your books then I shall purchase them. I am an avid reader and have purchase books on a regular basis and will now have to make room on my book shelves for another "favourite" author. Thank you for the entertainment.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Nan Beckett



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