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Guestbook Archive
August 2001 to February 2003

Name: Laura Staub Young
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: looking forward to the new books

Name: Bree
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: But of CORSI your site would rock...

Name: Nina I.
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: I have really enjoyed your suspense novels and can't wait to read your newest one! I even drove 2 hours to get "The Last to Know" because our local bookstore was too slow to get it!

Name: Vicki Jeter
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: OMG Wendstr You haven't changed a bit in 10 years!!! I have pictures of you from my wedding in 91 and you look the same on your web page. I love your books the last one I read I finished in a day. of course I got noooo sleep! Keep them coming. Vick

Name: Jenny Butler
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: I have really enjoyed the novels you've already written and can't wait to read these new ones. Once I start reading them, I can't seem to put them down!! Keep up the good work!!

Name: Kelly
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Hi Wendy! Very Cool! Did you do this yourself?

Name: AJ (I'm your biggest fan...)
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Great site Wnstr. What do you do in your spare time?! Looking forward to seeing you and the gang at home in WNY for the holidays, Big Al S, Cathy, Madison, and Baby (on the way)!

Name: Todd Schaefer
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Great site Wendy! Hope to see you soon.

Katie, Todd, Victoria, Isabella

Name: YH
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: A great site for a great writer.

Keep 'em coming.

Name: Laurie Corsi
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Hey cuz...greetings from Seattle! I love the site and your books...finally someone from home to brag about! (just kidding homies!)

Name: Lee Williams
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Did you ever write the "part two" to that book from several years ago (can't remember the title now !)? All I remember is that the ending really left you "hanging." Was a great book!I think you had your first baby and took time then away from writing.

Name: Lee Williams
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: The book's name I was referring to in my previous note was OBSESSION !

Name: Roz Duflo
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Lily Dale always fascinated me too.
We Sicilians are a superstitous bunch.
Your site is great!

Name: Jim and Janine
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Wendy, cool site. Can't wait for your new book located in Lily Dale. Keep up the good work, we're all proud of you.
Janine and Jim

Name: angelgirl
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: I love your suspense novels, and
can't wait until the new one comes
out! Your books are the best!!!

Name: Wendy Corsi Staub
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: To Lee Williams:
The sequel to "Obsession" was written but still hasn't been published! I'll keep you posted in case there are any plans to bring it out in the future! My fingers are always crossed for that possibility!!!

Name: Laura
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Go Wendy! A great writer, terrific mom, beautiful wife and steadfast friend. Congratulations on a great site.

Name: joyce
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: lovely photo, you vixen!

Name: Nora LeDuc
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Wendy!!! Hi, loved your web page. And it was so great to see your face. You look wonderful! Guess motherhood is keepng you young

Name: Alisha Tario
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Love the website...your books are great. Thanks for that copy of Witch Hunt. I can't wait to read the new books

Name: Felicia Staub
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Well, I checked out your web site

Name: Felicia Staub
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: You really have been busy writing
lots of books - I am so impressed
Good Luck!!

Name: Donna from Buffalo
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: I can't wait until the book comes out in the blink of an eye because it has to do with western new york

Name: Valerie Hayward
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Fabulous website, fabulous career, fabulous lady! Oh...and fabulous writer, of course!!!

Name: Jennie Eldridge
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: My dear friend, Wendy! Your amazing talent will continue to lead you to infinite successes! You're a star! Love you!

Name: Aunt Marian
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Way to go Wen! Next time in Lily Dale, go speak with Judith Rochester, Ph.D. She is phenominal.

Name: Toni Sawyer
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Wow! I'm impressed! What a great site. I didn't' realize just how many books you've written. Guess I have to get busy reading! Hope to catch up with you the next time you are back home!

Name: suzanne felicia staub
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: what a great web site. you are an inspiration to aspiring writers. looking forward to the new books.

Name: Fran Collier
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: I'm glad to read the synopses of your upcoming books, although I have already read and enjoyed Fade to Black. Slightly Single sounds intriguing-that's my next pick. Keep 'em coming Wendy!

Posted On: 8/28/01

Name: Margaret (Gugino) Schoenhofer
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Wow! I just read your bio and you have been one busy lady! Congratulations on all your success. I sent the email with your website address to my parents and brothers, so hopefully they will visit you!
Good luck and I hope to pick up one of your newest books.

Name: Pete and Jill
Posted On: 8/28/01
Comment: Keep up the great work!

Name: Anth
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: OK...so how many of these are made-up???

Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you! Dunkirk Gal makes good! You're a true professional and a great inspiration for many.

Bytheby...the Anth book? When's that coming?

Name: Diane Kaszuba
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Made a copy of your bio on the books to be released. I will post it tomorrow at the library for all to enjoy. Have had alot of good feedback on your last book at the library. Luck to you

Name: Coleen Kotzur
Posted On: 8/31/01
Comment: Hi,
You probably don't remember me, but we met at your book signing at Barnes & Noble back in May. I'm the one who wrote to Kacey at WHUD regarding your book.
Sorry I didn't write to you sooner to let you know I loved the three books I bought that night- The Last to Know, Fade to Black, and All the Way Home. I have since read Dearly Beloved. I had a difficult time trying to decide which was my favorite, but I think it was All the Way Home. I really had a difficult time trying to figure out the killer, and I guessed wrong every time. I am looking foward to your new books, and am going to read some of your other works mentioned on this site.
Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Name: Carmen In Atlanta
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Great website, Wendy! I was so excited to receive the e-mail. It is going to kill me waiting for IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE to be released. Not to mention waiting for DEARLY BELOVED. I have scoured many used bookstores looking for it! But, thank goodness I can read "Slightly Single" to help pass the time.

Name: Vince Wright
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Great site & love your work CUZ!

Name: big man
Posted On: 8/29/01

Name: Steve Jonas
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Hi - I'm Fran's friend. Great site, great news - you have your work cut out for you, but it looks like you might be on top of things with the sky being the limit. Any movies being made of your novels?


Name: Uncle Lorrie
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Congratulations Wendy. I'm very impressed. Remember, if you need a gardener, let me know. I'm available. I'll keep following your progress. I'm very proud of my god child. Talk to you soon.

Name: Susan D.
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Hey Wendy !! Congrats...finally saw what you've been up to & it's ALOT. So happy for you. You deserve all this success...remember the Macmillan days??

Name: Alisa Malinovich
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Great website, Wendy!!!And congrats on the bestseller ... whoohoooo!!!

Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: WOW! What a great site. Need to update bio to include names of your cousins. Keep up the great work. We are all very proud of you!

Name: Gregg Casalino
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Hey Wendy!

Great site! Hope all is well with you, Mark and the boys.

All the best,
Gregg, Kristin, Rita, Paul and Andrew

Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: WOW! What a great site. Need to update bio to include names of your cousins. Keep up the great work. We are all very proud of you!

Name: Kyle Cadley
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: By far, the hardest worker and most dedicated person I've ever known. I truly admire and love everything about Wendy!

Name: Mike Gug
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Greetings from The Great State of California!

Congratulations on your success! You're an inspiration!

Name: Pop & Mom
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: It's a great website, and why not, everything you have done has been great, but than again that has always been expected, and you have never let our expectations of you down. Love Pop & Mom.

Name: Marybeth Muldowney
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: I am very impressed! You might want to include guest speaker at School#4 for Author's Day in your biography:)

Posted On: 8/29/01

Name: Lisa, Scooter, Hannah and Leo
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Congratulations! Great Site! Hannah and Leo are proud of Aunt Wendy! They thinks it's cool to see you on the computer.
Lisa, Scooter, Hannah and Leo

Name: Debbie Stapleton
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Wendy, can't wait to read the new books. Three! I'm so excited. I have already read FADE TO BLACK and loved it, but I think you get better with each book. Keep it up!

Name: Jwilsonsmiley(Joanne:))
Posted On: 8/29/01
Comment: Cool website-can't wait to read these books-you peaked my interest-BIG time, especially the Princess!!

Name: Sarah G.
Posted On: 8/30/01
Comment: Love the new website. What a great way to keep up!

Name: Wendie H.
Posted On: 8/30/01
Comment: Love your work!

Name: Bonita C.
Posted On: 8/30/01
Comment: Wendy, Hey there lady! It is a great site. I can't wait to see how the book turned out. I am glad to have helped you with what you needed to know about Lily Dale, of course I'm like 2 minutes away from there anyway. Can't wait to read this one and see what the next book after this one will be. :-) Can't wait to see you at another signing again.

Name: Robin Lenhard, Media Play
Posted On: 8/30/01
Comment: Wendy, thanks so much for sharing your site with me. I have passed it along through our book marketing channels and will look forward to a BIG splash next spring when "Blink" is released!!

p.s. - I am going to see John Edward next month!!

Name: laura m
Posted On: 8/30/01
Comment: i have read your books since i was in grade school now i am entering college and im still reading them.

Name: Renee P.
Posted On: 8/30/01
Comment: Wow! I guess I've missed a few things over the years! I sure am proud of you.So are my kids ,they always ask about my writer friend .

Name: Paula Thivierge
Posted On: 8/31/01
Comment: Hey Girlfriend. I love your websight! Your picture is beautiful! I want to read your book "Slightly Single," since I am very single. I am enjoying the new life too. I will call you. Love Paula

Name: Chris Henning Ferrante
Posted On: 9/1/01
Comment: Hi there Wendy!

Excellent website! It's so exciting to see what you've been up to... :) Say hi to Mark!

Hope to see you sometime soon.

cheers, chris :)

Name: Rhonda
Posted On: 9/1/01
Comment: I cannot wait to read your new books Wendy. The first novel of yours I read was The Last To Know and I absolutely loved it. I told a bunch of friends and family--even talked about it on a SAHM message board and I got a lot of positive feedback from everyone about it. Keep giving us such great novels to enjoy!

Name: Pamela Stone of MYSHELF,COM
Posted On: 9/1/01
Comment: Wendy,
I really like the web site.
I am so very pleased for you that
some of your books are being reissued
You are such a good writer, and I hope that
many new readers pick up your books.

Best Pam Stone

Name: melinda johnson...live in atlanta ga
Posted On: 9/2/01
Comment: hi there..i was in the room on aol reading the letters about the movie "the others"...and had read your comment that you had left..seems to me you should of wrote the screenplay...i liked what you said about them giving away who victor was too early..anyway..im going to go to the book store today and purchase one of your books.and am looking forward to the new one coming out"in the blink of an eye"..sounds like its going to be really good.
take care and best wishes on any books in the future

Name: Jctulip11(my screen name)
Posted On: 9/2/01
Comment: I loved your website!

Name: Pam Kirst
Posted On: 9/2/01
Comment: This is great, Wendy! I'm sharing
the address with all my English-
teacher type friends!

Name: Beverly Barton
Posted On: 9/3/01
Comment: Wendy, your new web site looks great! I can't wait for your upcoming 2002 books, especially IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. I love books with a supernatural element, and just reading the brief synopsis tells me that this one is going to be fantastic. I know all your devoted fans--and I'm definitely one--are thrilled with your well-deserved success. As a friend, you're the best; you're caring, supportive and understanding. I admire you greatly as a person and as a fellow author. With your kind of talent, there is no doubt that superstardom is in your future!

Name: hugh
Posted On: 9/5/01
Comment: just finished The Last to Know. Terrific thriller that really captures the upscale suburban family scene. Will read Fade to Black next. Very informative site.

Name: Firas ISa
Posted On: 9/6/01
Comment: I have really enjoyed your suspense novels and can't wait to read your newest one! I even drove 2 hours to get "The Last to Know" because our local bookstore was too slow to get it!

Name: Mr. Mancuso
Posted On: 9/10/01
Comment: Wendy, I always new you were going to be a star... Congratulations to my favorite DHS graduate!

Name: Dr. Mohan
Posted On: 9/10/01
Comment: Nice work...be nice.

Name: Frank Stein
Posted On: 9/10/01
Comment: Great site and I love your work. Have you considered writing horror stories?

Name: michael pucci man
Posted On: 9/12/01
Comment: Hi Wend,
Just checked out your sight..............pretty good stuff. Hope to see you soon back home.
Chrissy, Samantha, M.J., and Nicholas say hello as well.

Name: Jenny
Posted On: 9/22/01
Comment: I love your writing. I can't put your books down. Looking forward to reading more of your suspenseful novels.

Name: Joan Siegel
Posted On: 9/25/01
Comment: Great web site - finally got a chance to check it out. It's great. I thought The Last to Know was fab & I can't wait to read more of your books!

Name: Chere Gruver
Posted On: 9/28/01
Comment: I was wondering if you had any bookmarks. I collect them and would love to be able to put something autographed by you in my collection.
Thank you,
Chere Gruver

Name: katie
Posted On: 10/11/01
Comment: i loved both all the way home and the last to know and loved them both, though it is hard for me to find your books. i just finished the last to know and am doing a report on it for my twelth grade english class.

Name: Shari
Posted On: 10/15/01
Comment: Wendy sue how cool is this that you have your own site! No pressure but I can't wait for the novel to be released.
congratulations on the site and your books.
your Dunkirk friends
Terry,Shari ,Eric,Craig and Kyle

Name: Tammy
Posted On: 10/16/01
Comment: I'm looking forward to your new book. I have not read a book all the way through since high school and I just read "The Last to Know" and I could not put it down! Fantastic Book.. You got me reading again. Thanks!

Name: Lori Warth
Posted On: 12/30/01
Comment: Wendy,
My cousin, John Wrigley, said that he met you at your uncle's store Dec. 21. He mentioned that you had dumped our book submission we had sent you for your assistance due to concerns following September 11. I would hope that you would remember what it was like to be an aspiring author and reconsider reading the novel even with just "suggestions" in mind. He said you would let your uncle know your e-mail but I thought I would forward this to you now, vs. waiting. I hope your holiday was pleasant. I understand your concern with the mail, but do wish you could see past your concerns to offer any help or advice your experience offers. Thanks, Lori Warth

Name: Lou Lou
Posted On: 10/16/01
Comment: I can't believe the little girl next door grew up and is such a great author and great mommy,your making reading fun but then a don't get nothing done .you doing great but thats no surprise.

Name: Special Invitation
Posted On: 10/16/01
Comment: Hello Wedny Corsi,

I did not know how to contact you so I hope you see this on your guestbook.

We want to especially invite married writers like yourself to join our
website www.marriagestories.com and www.marriageromance.com.

Both sites have romantic stories for married couples by married couples.

And www.marriageromance.com allows more intense passion stories to help
married couples enjoy each other more at bedtime.

All stories are moral and can only be about love within marriage.

Right now new members receive the first month free, after that the member
submits a story a month, or else donates a dollar a month.


Marketing Manager

Name: Paul Staub
Posted On: 10/22/01
Comment: Just checking to see if there is anything new or if I missed something. it looks as if its quite for now.Ill talk to you soon

Name: Liz Roberts
Posted On: 11/24/01
Comment: Hi. i read More Than This. Its my favorite book. I think its the best book out of all the seventten books. Im going to do a book report on this book.

Name: Melinda Harper
Posted On: 12/5/01
Comment: I love your books. I bought "The Last To Know" as a gift to all my reading friends.

Name: Fran Bryller
Posted On: 12/29/01
Comment: I think you are a great writer, and I really enjoy reading your books, can't wait for your new one.

Name: cyndy tilaro-smith
Posted On: 1/5/02
Comment: Congratulations Wendy,
We are very proud of you and your work. Keep it up!

Name: Meghan
Posted On: 1/9/02
Comment: Great site I just love your books can wait to get your new ones.

Name: Cis from Chicago
Posted On: 1/13/02
Comment: I just finished reading,Slightly Single. It's been fun laughing(and crying) with Tracey. You have a way of exposing the painful stuff that we don't like to talk about, and then you make us laugh about it. I laughed out loud in the dentist's waiting room when I read about the duct-tape bra. I'm now looking forward to In the Blink of an Eye--- a change of pace, I'm sure.

Name: Staci Stahle
Posted On: 1/22/02
Comment: Just finished Slightly Single and loved it. I totally could relate. I am looking forward to your your upcoming books!

Name: Heather
Posted On: 1/23/02
Comment: I'm not much of a reader, but onece I started to read your book "All The Way Home", I could not put it down. I had a literary analysis research paper I had to do, and my mother suggested that I read this book. I really enjoyed myself, I could almost picture the characters and setting. It was great. Keep up the Terrific work Wendy!!!

Name: Kathy P.
Posted On: 1/29/02
Comment: Ive read all of your books(well with the exception of Dearly Beloved) and I completely enjoyed them all. i cant wait until In the Blink of an Eye comes out.

Name: Liz Bass
Posted On: 1/30/02
Comment: Hey Wendy--I just read Slightly Single and thought it was so great. I didn't want to put it down! I hope you do more Red Dress books.
Great web site, by the way.

Name: freya
Posted On: 2/1/02
Comment: Hello Wendy, I have just found your books and they are great. I just finished witch hunt and it was great and in the back was a bit about obsession, it sounds really interesting and I would love to be able to read it but I am in Adelaide, south Australia, Australia and I can't find it anywhere. If you can help me in anyway it would be terrific. If anyone can help my email address is freya1965@yahoo.com.au

Name: Robin Lenhard
Posted On: 2/6/02
Comment: Wendy - HI!! Just checking back in to remind you that Media Play would love to do an event with you for the new book! I am thinking that probably the Hamburg location makes the best sense! Will you be doing "AM Buffalo" this time around. I am nudging your publisher, again (via our home office Book Marketing department). Hope all is well!

Name: Michele
Posted On: 2/12/02
Comment: Hi Wendy, great website, I can't wait for In the Blink of an Eye. I've read your others and loved every page of each. Keep up the great work

Name: Becky
Posted On: 2/16/02
Comment: Great books, great author, great mommy, great friend.... Just ordered In the Blink of an Eye last week and can't wait for the UPS man to arrive!

Name: Elizabeth (Tiredmom)
Posted On: 2/19/02
Comment: Wow, that's some biography Wendy, you've been a very busy woman! I'm impressed, and looking forward to reading In The Blink of an Eye!

Name: Mare in MT (Marianne)
Posted On: 2/19/02
Comment: I am a poster on the SAHM board and saw that you were a writer. I took my son to story time at the library and sought out your books. I took home All The Way Home (and Murder on Broadway)because they were the only ones there. I read ATWH during my sons nap and LOVED it although I think I'll look behind my sons bookshelf before I go to bed tonight LOL. Can't wait to go back to the library (or bookstore)and find another one. You've got yourself another fan!

Name: michelle schaub
Posted On: 3/6/02
Comment: I love all your books...
I just finished reading blink of an eye and just loved it!!!
Can't wait for the next one...

Name: Dolly Corsi
Posted On: 3/8/02
Comment: I recently became aware of your
books and have just ordered "In
the Blink of An Eye" and when I read
the location I becan to wonder where
in NY you come from and if you could
be part of my husbands family either
from Rochester or Buffalo?

My email is corsi001@gannon.edu and if
you have time please let me know if you
are from one of these areas. If you do
not answer I will understand and wish you
well with your career and much continued

Name: Sheena Burgess
Posted On: 3/24/02
Comment: Hi! I haven't read too many of your books yet but I did enjoy the one that I did read. It was College Life-The Fling. I couldn't put it down. I read it in one day. I didn't go to sleep until 2 or 3 am. Well keep up the good work.

Name: Heather
Posted On: 3/9/02
Comment: I just LOVE your books. I hate coming to the end of each one--I feel like I've lost a friend. Please keep them coming!

Name: shellycolsen@hotmail.com
Posted On: 3/10/02
Comment: I have read all of your suspense
novels and I LOVED them. You
are a great writer and please
keep writing suspense novels.
I have recently tried to order
one of your books "Dearly Beloved" and they were unable to
get it. Do know where I could find it? Thank you-Shelly

Name: Peyton
Posted On: 3/11/02
Comment: Wendy,
Ever since I reviewed your book " THE LAST TO KNOW" I have collected all your other books to add to my collection.
You are a great writer and I wish you the best.

Name: JoMarie Marron
Posted On: 3/12/02
Comment: Your novels are sometning else.Such a quick read and by far some of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. Thanks for an excellent sorce of entertainment!

Name: Jo
Posted On: 3/15/02

Name: Pat Jones
Posted On: 3/18/02
Comment: Just finished In the Blink of an Eye, my kind of reading!!!!Plan to read the rest of your books.

Name: Kate Jourdan
Posted On: 3/18/02
Comment: Just finished reading In the Blink of An Eye. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you! I'm a new fan from Minnesota. :-)

Name: Terri Ann Johnson
Posted On: 3/19/02
Comment: Hi! What a surprise to pick up a book and see Jamestown, Lily Dale, Dunkirk and Chautauqua mentioned. I could hardly believe my eyes. I plan on reading this book and many others that you have written.I even plan on going to Lily Dale this summer. I come from Jamestown. GOOD LUCK!

Name: Karen
Posted On: 3/20/02
Comment: Love your books. You are a great writer and have accomplished a great deal to be so young. Keep up the good work.

Name: Teresa
Posted On: 3/20/02
Comment: Hi, I am really enjoying your books! I first read 'Fade to black' and then 'In the Blink of an Eye'. I am currentyly reading 'All the way Home'. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Once I get started on one I can't seem to put it down, which is probally why I never seem to get all my housework done-let alone anything else.haha

Name: Ryan Ricotta
Posted On: 3/23/02
Comment: A guy moves to FL for a few years and falls right out of the loop. It looks like I have some catching up to do on your books. I am very happy for you and all your success!! Miss you guys, Ryan

Name: Sarah Good
Posted On: 3/26/02
Comment: I read by first book by you recently, In the Blink of an Eye. It was wonderful, had me going from the first page. I hope you will write more about spiratualists, I find that subject intriguing.

Name: Shikhar Dixit
Posted On: 3/27/02
Comment: As an author, I just want to ring in and say your suspense fiction, i.e. THE LAST TO KNOW, IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE and ALL THE WAY HOME is drenched in gothic atmosphere and filled with compelling characters. Thank you for writing these books. The sense of peril you convey is addictive. I look forward to more.

Name: Sandra Leppert
Posted On: 3/30/02
Comment: I am a Lead Bookseller for Barnes & Noble. Your books are one of my favorite handsells. My customers always come back for more! Keep up the great work :))

Name: FLO
Posted On: 3/31/02
Comment: Great site..you have turned into
one of my favorites and look forward to all your new books

Name: FLO
Posted On: 3/31/02
Comment: Great site..you have turned into
one of my favorites and look forward to all your new books

Name: Susie Balzer
Posted On: 4/1/02
Comment: It was GREAT to see you again...you haven't changed a bit! I read "In the Blink of an Eye in ONE day...couldn't put it down. Can't wait to see you again and catch up!!! Congrats!

Name: Irene Hahn
Posted On: 4/4/02
Comment: Great books! I read all the way home and in the blink of an eye. Your website is great! I met you at the book nook, and think you are very down to earth!

Name: Karen Misiaszek
Posted On: 4/7/02
Comment: I have read All the Way HOme, Fade to Black, The Last to Know, and I am now reading In The Blink of an Eye. I am trying to get a copy of Dearly Beloved and Slightly Single. I find all of your books entertaining, and always look forward to the next publication. Keep up the good work.

Name: Elizabeth in NY
Posted On: 4/7/02
Comment: I haven't been much of a reader in the past few years, but something made me pick up your book...but then I couldn't put it down! "In the Blink of an Eye" is the best suspense novel I have read! I LOVED it!

Name: Tania Scott
Posted On: 4/7/02
Comment: I just finished reading 'In the Blink of an Eye'. Which was great!! I have always been interested in spiritualists. The hair on my arms stood up alot of the times, and believed I hear voices. My mind was probably playing games with me, probably part of the reason was because I was reading by flashlight at work on the midnight shift. eerie! Awesome book, I'm already on the internet looking for titles of your other books. I'm sure they will all be this good. Good Luck!

Name: Karen Boml
Posted On: 4/18/02
Comment: Wendy..........Your suspense books are definite one-sitting reads that grabs the reader from the first paragraph.........
I'm thrilled I found you by perusing the shelves at B&N last year......bought/special ordered all that was in print.........
I've been reading for over 40 years...voraciously.........and let me tell you, hard though it may seem to some, you even top the great Mary Higgins Clark!! Keep up the good work......

Name: Traci
Posted On: 4/8/02
Comment: In regards to the sequel to 'Obsession'-'Posession', you mentioned that it was written but not published. That was in 2001. Will it be coming any time soon? I just re-read the first one and really want to know how it turns out.
Thank you.

Name: Traci
Posted On: 4/8/02
Comment: My email to respond to the previous question is 'traci63@yahoo.com'

Name: Eve
Posted On: 4/9/02
Comment: "Deliciously creepy...." that's what I crave, babe!

Name: Mary
Posted On: 4/10/02
Comment: You are at the top of my favorite authors list! I picked up "All The Way Home" a couple weeks ago & read it in one evening, I couldn't put it down.The next day I went to Book Nook & bought "The Last To Know" & "In The Blink Of An Eye" and read them within three days. I enjoyed them so much. You're talented! It's refreshing to see a Dunkirk girl succeed with her talents. Keep writing the suspense novels, I look forward to reading more of them. I wish you the best!

Name: Christine O
Posted On: 4/13/02
Comment: Just finished reading IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. WOW! Very interesting. I am one that beleives departed loved ones do go to a better place and they wants us to know so. Mediums gives us the opportunity to reinforce our beleives. THANKS! Looking forward in reading your next book.

Posted On: 4/15/02

Name: Kairit
Posted On: 4/15/02
Comment: Your books are really intresting,specially campus life 101/cameron:the sorority.

Name: Brian Corsi
Posted On: 4/16/02
Comment: We got the same last name!!!

Thats it bye

Name: lenny staub
Posted On: 4/17/02
Comment: wow I'm missing out. everybody signed in already. I better learn
how to surf the web better. I so proud also. better lat than never


Name: Jennifer K Peters
Posted On: 4/18/02
Comment: Great Site.

Posted On: 4/19/02
Comment: Love your new book when do you find time saw the pictures that you sent Aunt Shirley we love them to

Name: Miriam
Posted On: 4/23/02
Comment: "WOW" I just finished reading In The Blink Of An Eye!........It was excellent....Great Book....

Name: Sharon Dehn
Posted On: 4/23/02
Comment: I just finished In The Blink of an eye and I thought it was well done! I am presently reading All The Way Home and I noticed you signed the book. That was a surprise to me.
I hate to put your books down. Keep up the good work

Name: twhite
Posted On: 4/28/02
Comment: You a truly wonderful writer, I am really enjoying your books!!! Keep on writing!!!!

Name: Timothy J. O'Malley
Posted On: 4/28/02
Comment: Brocton, NY--My wife, also named Wendy, and a prolific reader, enjoyed reading ITBOAE, reading it entirely this weekend. Thanks! Take care.

Name: Amy in Upstate NY
Posted On: 4/29/02
Comment: I thought "in the blink of an eye" was a really good book! I am very interested in spiritualism and couldn't put the book down once I started reading! I am a new fan and look forward to reading more of your books!

Name: Dadie Sedota
Posted On: 5/7/02
Comment: Wow! You've been busy. When do you find time to sleep? My student, Tony, is writing a story for our school paper about you and your work. He told me to check out your web site. It is fascinating. I wasn't aware of all that you've done. Congratulations!

Name: E.J.
Posted On: 5/8/02
Comment: In The Blink of an Eye is interesting reading, true in more ways but one.

Name: Pat Mather
Posted On: 5/8/02
Comment: Just finished reading IN A BLINK OF AN EYE It was fantastic and I look forward to more of your suspense type books. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and my husband has been to Lily Dale with his parents when he was a youngster.

Name: Amy Keller
Posted On: 5/17/02
Comment: I just loved your book All the way home. It keeped me very intrested. Also I am doing a thesis paper for my American Lit class on your book.

Name: Erica Hammond
Posted On: 5/20/02
Comment: What a great site! I can't believe how many books you've written since I interviewed you for the DHS student paper back in 1993. Looking forward to reading more of your novels. Thanks for your encouraging and inspiring advice.

Name: Wendy Hess
Posted On: 6/6/02
Comment: Just finished reading Blink of an Eye, and being from Western New York, I was very impressed with how well the storyline was written. Enjoyed every minute of the book, and after checking out some reviews on your other writings, I will be making several trips to the book store this summer.
Keep up the good work!

Name: rosemary Neubelt
Posted On: 5/21/02
Comment: I just finished your book,In a Blink Of an Eye and enjoyed it very much a little scary.

Name: Beckie Ross
Posted On: 5/22/02
Comment: I am reading In The Blink of An Eye right now and can't wait to get to the end. My son Jess is a friend of your brother's. They worked together at Pucci's and have known eachother for years. It was because of him that I chose to read your book and boy am I ever glad I did! I will be out getting The Last To Know as soon as I finish this one. Keep it up!

Name: Gail
Posted On: 5/23/02
Comment: I like your books very much ..these are the first book that I have read that make me so that I don't want to put them down. Keep up the great work and I am look forward to the next one that you write.
one of your fans

Name: Jeannette
Posted On: 5/26/02
Comment: I just finished reading In the Blink of an Eye. It was fantastic! Couldnt put it down. Looking forward to reading more of your books.

Name: Laya Lee
Posted On: 5/28/02
Comment: Your book Gossip was so extrodinary and amazing that i just couldn't put it down. Its so thrilling to read a book that speaks the truth. In High school years, especially now, this kind "gossip" goes around and could hurt the one persons reputation. I am so glad you have wrote a book to show the essance of what could happen. I, just like yourself would love to write some day alaso. Thank you for your books

Name: Sergio Garcia
Posted On: 6/6/02
Comment: uhhh, i don't know

Name: mark R
Posted On: 6/6/02
Comment: I think your book sucked in a way! Why I don''t Know

Name: brenda
Posted On: 6/8/02
Comment: In the blink of an eye was GREAT, by page 10 i just couldnt put it down, cant wait for more:)

Name: Beckie Ross
Posted On: 5/22/02
Comment: I am reading In The Blink of An Eye right now and can't wait to get to the end. My son Jess is a friend of your brother's. They worked together at Pucci's and have known eachother for years. It was because of him that I chose to read your book and boy am I ever glad I did! I will be out getting The Last To Know as soon as I finish this one. Keep it up!

Name: DLLastowski@aol.com
Posted On: 6/10/02
Comment: I read your book In a blink of an eye,Loved It I just pasted it on to my daughter.Looked up some of your others and I am going to be purchasing thru my book club Last to Know,All the Way Home,Fade to Black,Slightly Single. Wonderfull writing if a book does not catch me in the first chapter I put it down and don't go back to it. I also have this thing that I look to see where the town is if I know it I read it.Thanks for writing!!Donna Lee Lastowski of Huntington ,Ma

Posted On: 6/13/02

Name: Susan k. Marshall
Posted On: 6/19/02
Comment: l just finished reading All the Way Home. Someone left it in the hospital waiting room and l am very grateful that they did. l had not ever read anything written by Mrs. Staub and l can say that l am planning to go out to buy the Last to Know. What a wonderful talented writer you are. l wish l had your talent please keep them coming!! Thank you for a wonderful time.

Name: Dar
Posted On: 6/19/02
Comment: Hi,
"In The Blink Of An Eye", Is the
first book I have read of yours. I am reading the last capter. The book was very good. Descriptions of things were very detailed, more than any book I have ever read. I have purchased "The Last To Know" , I
am going to start that next.

Name: Judy Kay
Posted On: 6/25/02
Comment: Just finished reading In the Blink of an Eye. Loved it! It's the best book I've read in a long time. I will be reading your other books now.

Name: Susan Lutz Craghead
Posted On: 6/25/02
Comment: Really enjoyed your book "In the Blink of an Eye". Looking forward to reading your other books. I am on vacation at Van Buren Point where we have a family cottage.

Name: Wendy L.
Posted On: 7/1/02
Comment: Just read "In The Blink Of An Eye" and it was great!
Keep up the good work.

Name: Judy Kay
Posted On: 6/25/02
Comment: Just finished reading In the Blink of an Eye. Loved it! It's the best book I've read in a long time. I will be reading your other books now.

Name: Aubra
Posted On: 7/2/02
Comment: PLEASE do many, many more books like slightly single. It was fantastic! If only it would have been longer...
I will wait and hope patiently!!!

Name: Crystal D
Posted On: 8/3/02
Comment: Hi there. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your book "Witch Hunt" when It came out in my eary teens, and I still enjoy it now that I am 20 (I like to re-read books). However, I read the excerpt from your book Obsession and found it quite intriguing, but have never found it on a shelf... but I am now gratified to see that it did get published. I was wondering if you knew where I could get a copy of it and would appreciate it if you could e-mail me at faer_moon@yahoo.com I would appreciate it greatly, and hopefully you read this message.

Name: Rose Mary Parslow/Taquino
Posted On: 8/27/02
Comment: Guess I could have give you my address on the Internet. It's JMTQ@aol.com. I live in California. Have a cousin in New Jersey,born in Zug.

Name: Liz Gomez
Posted On: 7/8/02
Comment: Hi Ms. Corsi-Staub, I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your books. I have read everyone I can get my hands on in one day or less. I just received Obsession, which I had to buy used over the internet, because I could not find it anywhere!! Is there any word on when or if I can find Possession anywhere, or if it was finished yet?? I am dying to find out what happens to all of these characters. Thanks so much.

Name: Kristin Casalino
Posted On: 7/11/02
Comment: Hope all is well! The site looks great! We just got DSL so we will be cruising your site much more often since it will be so fast. Send me a note now & then to keep me up to date. Love KLC

Name: Jenny
Posted On: 7/13/02
Comment: I just finished your book "In the Blink of an Eye" and it sent shivers up and down my spine. It was so great!! Keep up the great work.

Name: Jean McDade
Posted On: 7/19/02
Comment: Loved the book "Blink of an Eye." Kept me interested, but THE PRESENT TENSE DROVE ME CRAZY. ALMOST DIDN'T READ PAST THE FIRST CHAPTER BECAUSE OF IT. My mind automatically changed it to past tense and then the past to past perfect. Doubt I will read the others if they're in present tense, simply because it's hard to wrap the mind around. Otherwise, very enjoyable book.

Name: Marlene Poth
Posted On: 7/21/02
Comment: Have a question on "All The Way Home". Last paragraph, page 402 of the paperback. WHO IS KATHERINE? I have gone back through the book and don't know who she is. Thanks.

Name: helga ciminesi
Posted On: 7/23/02
Comment: reading in the blink of an eye..love it...so will my students who are looking for great books and new york state authors...

Name: Linda (Tampio) Angelo
Posted On: 8/4/02
Comment: Wendy, Very impressed with all your accomplishments. You don't know me but might remember Uncle Larry, who was my dad..he and your Grandma Sara Ricotta were brother and sister. Keep up the great work! Second cousin, Linda

Name: Rosa
Posted On: 8/6/02
Comment: Hello,
I am a Junior in High School and I Just finish reading your book,(In The Blink Of An Eye). I Loved it. When I got to chap.14 I didn'n let myself put it down. The ending was unexpectable,a total suprise!
This was the first book I read that was writen by you, and now I am looking foward on reading more of your suspence novels! I can't wait for your new suspence novel due out by the 2003!

Name: diane williamson
Posted On: 8/8/02
Comment: I love reading all of Wendy's books. I scoop them up as soon as one is releasedand I anticipate the chills-- even in the summertime I grab a cover. I rank up with Mary Higgins Clark.

Name: cindy morris
Posted On: 8/19/02
Comment: I just finished "In the Blink of an Eye" and am ready to go out and buy your other books. It was fantastic, could not put it down. Suspensful to the very end!!

Name: Caitlin
Posted On: 8/20/02
Comment: I loved the book Voodoo Moon from the Charmed tv series.You should write more Charmed books.You write them better than the other authors

Name: becky
Posted On: 8/20/02
Comment: I love your mystery books, always buy as soon as they come out! Great Job, once I pick up one of your books I can't put it down.

Name: Kelly
Posted On: 8/21/02
Comment: Love your books and website - it's great to be back in touch!

Name: anf
Posted On: 8/23/02
Comment: i lyke yor buks

Name: T.L.
Posted On: 8/23/02
Comment: Wendy Sue,
it was great to see you at the reunion, didn't know you were so talented! My favorite is THE LAST TO KNOW! Keep at it!

Name: connie
Posted On: 8/25/02
Comment: I love your books. They hold your interest.

Name: Rose Mary Parslow/Taquino
Posted On: 8/27/02
Comment: Am trying to do a geneaology on the Staub family. My mother was Rosalie Staub/Parlow of Mobile,Al., daughter of Prof. A.J.Staub,Prof. of Music at Spring Hill College,Mobile,Al.Born in Zug,Switzerland. Do you have any connection? Can send you more info if you are interested. Looking forward to reading your books. Rose Mary

Name: lora
Posted On: 9/8/02
Comment: just finished In The Blink of an Eye, awesome read! looking forward to read more of your work, also looking forward to visit Lily Dale. Thanks for making me aware it even existed

Name: Jessica
Posted On: 9/10/02
Comment: I have just finished reading In the Blink of an Eye. It is the fourth book of yours I have read since this past february...I am hooked! You are so talented! keep the suspense books coming!!

Name: Rhonda
Posted On: 9/11/02
Comment: I had never heard of you before until I read Fade To Black. From the moment I started reading I was unable to put it down. Now I will read any book that you publish. You have by far surpassed any author I've read.

Name: krista ellingson
Posted On: 9/30/02
Comment: I love your series "Turning Seventeen!" I've read all of them and I think that you should write more to add to the series. Bye.

Name: Roland di Corsi
Posted On: 10/1/02
Comment: I live in Sweden. I search for relatives to Alexander di Corsi
He vas a doctor in New York about 1890-1899.

Name: Wendy Hess
Posted On: 10/3/02
Comment: I can't get enough of this author. Her first book I read, was last spring, and it was titled "Blink of an Eye", since then I have read 5 other books of hers, and find myself in search of other books previously published. Looking forward to your new book "She loves me not", and can't say enough about the extrodiary writing this author is capable of...very addicting. Thanks!

Name: Jennifer Pieber
Posted On: 10/13/02
Comment: Wendy,
I am looking forward to your next suspense novel "She Loves Me Not"! I have passed on several of your books to friends who all agree that your books keep us up all night with the lights on!! I will also be sure to read your other genres of novels! Thanks for the great reads!!

Name: Jen Pieber
Posted On: 10/13/02
Comment: PS-I am from WNY, also! (Akron, a bit of a drive from Dunkirk...) It was great to see Lilydale in your book "In The Blink of an Eye"! Thanks for including the "hometown" feel! Maybe you could write a book where the Bills WIN a Superbowl?? LOL!

Name: Nancy
Posted On: 10/26/02
Comment: Just finished Blink of an Eye and loved it. It was alot of fun reading about the local area! I am doing a presentation of the book to the Fortnightly Club of the Anderson-Lee Library in Silver Creek, NY next week! Keep up the suspense!

Name: Chris Cruz (mollyhousemouse)
Posted On: 10/27/02
Comment: Wendy I stayed up until 4 am to finish Fade to Black! Thanks to the generosity of friends, our po dunk library does not have your books!

Name: S.
Posted On: 8/24/01
Comment: Great site, Wendy!

Name: Lisa Grabner
Posted On: 11/11/02
Comment: Sie gefallen mir sehr!

Name: charmed
Posted On: 11/23/02

Name: jeany
Posted On: 11/28/02

Name: Chris McBride
Posted On: 12/9/02
Comment: Hey Wendy, I don't know if you remember me but we used to write back and forth quite a few years back. Right around when you had your kid and Witch Hunt came out, I guess around 1996? In anycase, I was looking through my stuff and found letters from you and the signed paperback covers you sent me. I can't seem to find any e-mail address from you and I am not sure if you still live at the same residence. At the time all of this was going on I was only 13, I guess, and catered directly to the "young adult" age group you targeted. It's been a while, but I'd still like to talk to you, as you remain my favorite teen author. That's largely in part to you actually writing me, not sending form letters like every other author did. If you can, e-mail me at Gator200@bellsouth.net, since I obviously can't find your address. Good luck and keep on writing! Chris

Posted On: 12/27/02

Name: Sophie G.
Posted On: 12/28/02
Comment: Just finished your book, "In the Blink of an Eye". Excellent!!! Couldn't wait to read it and was so hard to put down.

Name: Lissie
Posted On: 1/2/03
Comment: Just checking out your site. Can't wait for your newnovel in Feb. See you at the diner.

Name: Lissie
Posted On: 1/2/03
Comment: Just checking out your site. Can't wait for your new novel in Feb. See you at the diner.

Name: Leah Ruff
Posted On: 1/9/03
Comment: I really liked your book Witch Hunt!

Name: Carrie12166@aol.com
Posted On: 1/13/03
Comment: Hello,

I am originally from Jamestown, NY, just a few miles from Lily Dale. A friend of mine called me to fill me in on the book, and how interesting it was that the storyline would take place near our hometown. Anyway, can't wait to read the book. If Anyone ever has a chance to visit Lily Dale in Chautauqua County, NY, do so, you will not be disappointed. Carrie

Name: Carol A Tobias
Posted On: 1/17/03
Comment: Enjoy all your work. Don't stop

Name: John Strawser
Posted On: 1/17/03
Comment: Came across your website and thought I'd check in and say Hi. Looks like you have a busy year ahead. Hopefully everything goes great. I will pass it on to Betsy that you have a new book coming out next month.
I have lost your email address. Mine at work is jstrawser@visohio.com. Drop me a line so we can stay in touch. Best of luck. John

Name: Wendy Lindstrom
Posted On: 1/19/03
Comment: Hello from Fredonia! Wendy, we have some common connections (other than our many nicknames), but first let me say how much I enjoyed your latest book (Blink of An Eye). It's the first time I've read your work and I'm hooked. I worked with your Uncle Bill (Corsi) at Al Tech years ago, but I've since become a full time author (my first book came out June 2002 and it's also set in the Fredonia area). I bought your book at The Book Nook while I was signing copies of my own book for them. What super people they are, and they do an awesome job of promoting our books! Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I enjoyed your novel and surfing your website. Best ~ Wendy

Name: Irene Bonk Koch
Posted On: 1/19/03
Comment: Hi Wendy - I look for all your books at the Book Nook. Enjoying Blink of an eye. I'm from Gowanda and know about Lilydale. I'm 73 years old, retired reporter of the Dunkirk Evening Observer and an avid history buff, active with our local historical society. In 2000 I completed a novel based on many journals & letters circa 1860-1910 and it was sold as a fundraiser. Reader feedback encourages me to seek traditional publishing but it's such a hassle. Karmichael Press & PublishAmerica asked for the manuscripts - However my search on Predators & Editors said PublishAmerica is not recommended
Do you know anything about them? Have you any advice for an old lady out in western New York
The Book Nook sold some of the books and the society sold the rest. Only 300 were printed. What leaves me discontented is I wrote two additional chapters after the book was printed -One of the characters came back to haunt me and I had to give "Hattie" her due.I think I've been babbling so I'll close- Anyway- I sure enjoy your books- irene koch ikewrite@adelphia.net

Name: Karyn
Posted On: 1/25/03
Comment: Great writing Wendy!! Just finished reading "The Last to Know". Read it so fast. Could not put it down. I didn't want it to end. Looking forward to your new novel in February. Keep writing suspense! It's my favorite!!! January 25th, 2003 :)

Name: Stephanie
Posted On: 1/28/03
Comment: I love your book Witch Hunt. I just finished reading it. Keep up the good work.

Name: Athena Jackson
Posted On: 1/28/03
Comment: Love your books just finished The Last to know and have read quite a few of your other books!
Can;t wait till your next book comes out in February thanks for leaving most of your books in paperback. I think you sell more that way and I prefer a paperback to a hardback! Keep up the good work.
Thanks Athena

Name: Verna
Posted On: 1/29/03
Comment: Hi Wendy,I was going through your whats
Hi Wendy,I was going through your
What's New and i loved The Princess scenario.By the way i
love the picture.(smile)Great Site.

Name: Hugh
Posted On: 1/31/03
Comment: Is this guestbook working? I can't believe no one has posted since October. Now, the post. The new book is great, very hard to figure out whodunit. She loves me not is another good one!

Name: Cheryl
Posted On: 2/3/03
Comment: Hello from snowy Cassadaga, NY!Wow! I can't believe how busy you've been since HS! I knew you were writing (some things never change!) but had no idea how much 'til I checked out your web site bio.! I've enjoyed reading your last four or so novels and must say it's nice to see a local girl so successful! Congrats. and God Bless! Keep up the great work...Cheryl W. DHS Class of '81

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